Archive | September 23, 2013

What are you reading?

Clearly I am not reading my undergraduate essays that have languished in my filing cabinet for more than twenty years!

Actually, that isn’t quite true. It is true that I haven’t read my essays, but it isn’t true that they have languished in one filing cabinet for twenty years. Since uni I have had three different filing cabinets and lived in 7 different houses. My papers have moved with me. For what?

So as part of my year to have a leaner house, and reclaim my “junk” room, I spent an hour sorting paper. I set the kitchen timer for one hour and removed every file in one drawer. Duplicates, outdated material, unneeded documents … all gone.

Documents with personal details were shredded. So cathartic. I wish I took a before photo so you see how shredding seems to result in an explosion of paper.


Then it was off to the library to return some books and to my local second hand book shop to exchange others. Good-bye to these numbers.


And then home to read. A novel! After a run of non-fiction books, I needed a good story.

The Vale Girl by Nelika McDonald is in the vein of Craig Silvey’s Jasper Jones. A coming of age novel with a murder mystery thrown in. The story is told from different voices, alternating between first and third person, which builds the suspense. The language is both lyrical in parts and very Australian idiomatic. Great read. And I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but isn’t the photo on the front beautiful. The girl is wistful, with such a look of yearning. Simply gorgeous.