No I don’t.

That is my usual reply when people ask me if I feel worried.

What about?

That I haven’t done my tax in a number of years.

OK, I do kinda feel a bit worried. But I just switch it off. And I switch off tax agent ads on the tele. And change the topic when my husband asks how we are going in getting it done.

A wonderful example of burying my head in the sand. And as the years add up, I become more and more ostrich like.

It’s just that as the years go on, the work becomes more involved.

But it is like a remembrall from Harry Potter. I am just waiting for it to explode.


So I have a new challenge. To get my tax done in the next four weeks. It has been one of my goals for this year. So off I go!

First step to lift the weight off my shoulders: today I will collect all the receipts from around the house.


3 thoughts on “No I don’t.

  1. Oh lordy, good for you! Are you going to do it yourself, or take it all to the tax agent? I love our tax agent. He makes all the pain go away. I just collect all our receipts and send them off..

  2. I think I’d be bored of tax returns if they stopped getting me returns! I know you can do it – box it all up and pay someone handsomely to fix it for you!!

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