Droptober update

I think this is going to be a long month for my husband. Not because he is doing Droptober. He isn’t. But because I ask him several times a day, “Do I look like I have lost weight yet?”

Why doesn’t the weight come off just from making the commitment to lose?

Anyway, what have I learnt the last three days?

The last two nights I had a hot chocolate instead of a cup of tea after dinner. I thought this should be good, as in healthy and not too calorific, way to assuage my need for something sweet. And it should be good, shouldn’t it? Warm milk helps you sleep. And chocolate is OK.


Well no. While having my mug last night, I finally read the ingredients. Number 1 ingredient is sugar. No wonder it is so yummy. So this is joining the dropped list.

But remember the rules: I will drop all the fatty, cakey, sugary, creamy things that should be rare treats. And remember the small print: I won’t beat myself up if I stumble. I will allow quiche, an occasional dark chocolate treat, a small slice of birthday cake (without cream), and a little something on a special outing.

So while I am allowing myself a little piece of chocolate (but I have to say I haven’t had a single piece yet – don’t hold the applause, no seriously positive affirmation needed), the hot chocolate isn’t on the in list. Even though I make it with half milk and half water. It is not really chocolate.

No beating myself up though. It is in the rules!

And today was a special occasion, so I was allowed to have something special (for special read fatty, sugary, cakey or desserty thing). Went out for a lovely day trip with my husband. We took a thermos for a cup of tea. In the past I would eat 4 or 6 biscuits (love even numbers) with my cup of tea. Not this time. And when we had lunch (pasta with prawns and roasted cherry tomatoes for me) I said no to dessert. How strong is that?

Here’s some views of where we went. Look at the blue sky.


We love a bit of history on our outings.


Sorry this one is a bit blurred. The iPad doesn’t like doing a zoom. But you get the idea of how bucolic and peaceful it was. Don’t know why but this is called the Wollombi Brook. Brook? Very unAustralian.


The progress Day 4 to Day 6:

  • Day 4 = Ate nothing on my dropped list. I did have fish and chips for dinner but they aren’t on my banned list. I had a piece of grilled barramundi and half a piece of fish with batter. Later, I had a hot chocolate.
  • Day 5 = ate no biscuits, cakes or cream. I did have a small piece of liquorice. Only one. And I savoured it. So nice. Finished the night with a hot chocolate.
  • Day 6 = today I had the special outing with my husband. And, as reported above, I have not eaten any biscuits, cake, ice cream, pudding, pastries. And NO CHOCOLATE even though a piece of dark chocolate is allowed (just reminding you how good I have been).
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    8 thoughts on “Droptober update

    1. Had a slice of lemon cake this morning, and this arvo. And a little cupcake (horrible and dry), and a smidge of brownie. And some choc chip cookies. And fro yo with the boy (it’s the one year anniversary, felt slack to say no). Tomorrow will be better. Quiche is so ok, it’s not a sweet at alL!

      • Sarah, that sounds like my normal eating too. People always asked how I stayed so slim, eating all the junk I did. I got most of my calories from junk. Hardly ate anything else. Cakes, biscuits, chocolates, lollies. Well, it is coming home now!

        But remember the rule: don’t beat yourself up. Just try to eat heslthier options.

    2. Only one peice of Licorice? Yeah that sounds about right…only mine is the metre strips. Not today though but maybe every couple of months. Love licorice. You’re doing good.


    3. Lucinda I applaud your efforts! While I don’t struggle with a sweet tooth my husband does and I see how hard it is for him to just have a “little bit” rather than “a lot”.
      The key is not beating yourself up after a less than perfect day – and this applies to all situations 🙂

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