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No labouring on Labour Day


Gotta love a public holiday. Time to do nothing! Being a sloth in bed with my iPad, breakfast at lunch time, bit of exercise. End the day with a toast of red wine (full of resveratrol, so good for you, don’t you know) to the workers who fought for an 8 hour day.

Wish I only worked an 8 hour day! But such is my burden.

I read somewhere (The Guardian or some other worthy tome, so clearly true) that every time they granted a public holiday in Germany productivity went up. Of course if you asked the business world in Australia, they would say public holidays cost business sorely. Maybe if we had a less adversarial relationship between labour and management, and more one in the German manner of cooperation.

The progress Day 7 – one week down for Droptober:

  • Day 7 = Ate nothing on my dropped list. I did have a very strong craving for something sweet after lunch. A little dessert to finish the meal. I just felt so unfinished without half a dozen bikkies with my cup of tea. I know it is just in my mind but it is such an ingrained habit when I am home. So I had honey on toasted wholegrain multigrain bread. I know honey is just sugar and not nutritious calories but I figure it assuages the sweet craving and filled me up so I am not tempted to have twisties, chips, Pizza Shapes or crackers and dip in the afternoon. And guess what? I didn’t eat any snacky type things with my wine. And anyway, wholemeal bread isn’t on my dropped list. But I did have a Baci chocolate after dinner. One chocolate a day is on my allowed list. This was my first, so quite good. And I really enjoyed it. Having it as a treat made me appreciate it as a treat, not a food to gobble and to fill up on. So one was enough. And I just know the craving is satisfied and I don’t need another. Finished with a cup of tea, I feel totally satisfied.
  • And some more photos from our day trip yesterday, just because! I remembered I had them on my phone and I think they are nicer. Look at the bottlebrush! They are blooming nicely everywhere this season. There was a row here and they were full of bees. The building in the background is the school. Why did they used to take such care building school houses? Sandstone, full brick, high ceilings. Craftsmanship. Now it is cheap and bodgy. Interesting to have the cemetery opposite the school!


    And here’s an infocus one of the brook and horses. Thanks phone, you do a better job than my iPad.