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Dropping the bad fat


I know my diet has been unhealthy. I have been lucky that I got away with it in the past. High metabolism, always active, didn’t eat too much of other bad things. Whatever the reason, I didn’t put on weight.

Now the fat is coming home to roost. And it is settling on my waist! And apparently in my arteries.

So I have to do something different. And my doctor wants me to cut my consumption of bad fats and increase certain good fats. (She also wants me to cut back on alcohol, but that’s for another self-improvement challenge.)

We all need fat for health – eg for fat soluble vitamins. But the fats we should avoid include saturated fats found in meat, processed meat products, and full-cream dairy products and the trans fatty acids found in baked goods such as biscuits, crackers, cakes and pastries and takeaway fried foods.

I am not making holus-bolus changes to all my eating. Dairy, red meat, occasional hot chips. They’re still on the menu. I don’t eat much processed meat products. Luckily at this stage I am not too fat and my cholesterol is not too high. So I will see what impact some minor changes will make. If it isn’t enough I will look at further changes.

For now, I’ve told the biscuits, cakes, pastries, crackers, chips, Twisties, Pizza Shapes, milk chocolate, which all contain that evil trans fat, “You’re dropped.” They didn’t take it well. They fought for a reconciliation. Especially the biscuits. They carried on. They begged. They pleaded. But I was not and will not be moved. Who’s gunna stay in a unhealthy relationship?

If you knew how many biscuits I ate (note the past tense) and how often I ate cakes, sausage rolls, slices, packets of chips or Twisties or Burger Rings and other non-nutrient food stuffs!!! Dropping these things should make a big difference, even without dropping other food with naughty fats. Or consuming more good fats, like the Omega 3 fats found in fish.

The progress Day 8 to Day 10:

  • Day 8 = savoured one small Baci chocolate. Rather than my normal big slab of Rocky Road and biscuits, I only had one piece. And I are it mindfully so I was aware I was eating it, rather than concentrating on something else like TV and then realising the chocolate was gone and reaching for another piece.
  • Day 9 = again I savoured one small piece of Baci chocolate.
  • Day 10 = ate nothing on from my dropped list, except I had a small bowel of jelly. Now jelly isn’t high in fat but it is sugar. Still no bikkies, cakes or pastries.
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