Exercise log Week 2

Funnily enough, keeping an exercise log has kept me focused and has motivated me. I wouldn’t have thought that it would have made such a difference. But I suppose who wants to have an empty space on one’s log?

It has also helped me keep track of what exercise I have done and when I have done it, so I can see, “Oh, today I have to do some weights.”

So here is my last 7 days:

Day 1: 4.27km walk in 46 minutes. My set exercises. I know I said I would post these but I haven’t got around to it. I have a new set for the next 4 weeks, so will post these soonish.

And I did 30 minutes of yoga stretches, from a DVD for bad backs.

I borrowed this from the public library. My back was starting to play up again and this really helped improve my mobility. Without this I would have had to take pain killers. It may seem counter-intuitive, but if your back is playing up, generally rest and immobility will only make it worse. This DVD also has some good information on treatments for bad backs. Well worth watching if you suffer recurrent back pain.

Day 2: 40 minute walk. Forgot to wear my GPS watch so don’t have the distance.

Day 3: 3.16km walk in 37 minutes. Slow because my back was stiff. Then some hip, back and hamstring stretches.

Day 4: 3.16km walk in 35 minutes. And 45 minutes of stretching from another DVD borrowed from the library. Stretch and Re-energise. It wasn’t as good as the Mayo Clinic one. But I will do it once more before returning it to the library. I know all the stretches and can do them myself but I find it helps following someone else, especially to ensure I don’t rush them.

Day 5: 1 hour Pilates. I do an equipment class. It really helps with mobility.

Day 6: 3.16km walk. And my weights and set exercises.

Day 7: 3.2km in 35 minutes. And 30 minutes of stretching and some strength and mobility exercises from the Strong Women series. Miriam Nelson has another book Strong Women Strong Backs which I found really useful. Nelson’s books are easy to read and she gives simple exercises to do.


I also watched this DVD.

Everyday Basics for a Better Back. Again from my library. It gave good advice on posture, stretching and strengthening your core. Definitely worth another look.

Droptober review of Day 11: I had 2 pieces of banana bread. Does this count as cake? My darling husband bought it. And it proves my theory, if it is in the house, I will eat it. It is mainly made from banana – 40% in fact. So kinda healthy. It was yummy.

I realised as I ate it that I tend to over-eat when I am eating while doing other things, eg doing a Sudoko. That’s because I don’t notice I am eating. So I decided to eat this piece mindfully. I savoured it and ate slowly and stopped reading the paper. Result: 1 piece was enough.

2 weeks of exercise and 10 days of Droptober, drum roll please …….

I have lost 0.5 kilos.

So I am 69 kilos.

Next weigh-in in 4 weeks time. Hope the half a kilo a fortnight continues. Skip right pass me as I am dreaming now. I might be 68 kilos then!?!

8 thoughts on “Exercise log Week 2

  1. Great job with the exercise and weight loss! I really need to start adding more exercise into my week. I planned on doing some today, but I wound up throwing out my neck and now I’m stuck laying here on the couch with a heating pad. Keep it up!!

    • Ouch! I know all about back and neck pain. And have spent a fortune this year on complementary health services for my back. Exercise is obviously good for you but for weight loss 70% is diet, ie what you put in your mouth.

  2. You are very motivated! I love that you are doing the right things for your back – as you say, it seems that people who avoid movement, at least in the early stages of back pain, fare worse.

    • Thank you. I had 9 weeks of constant pain earlier in the year. So my exercises are like my medicine. People will try the easy fix – drugs, surgery – which I would like to avoid, and frankly don’t think are easy, rather than do exercise. It is boring and hard but better than relying on drugs. I do have a regulator massage but you still can’t put all your energy into passive therapy, ie being done to, rather than doing yourself.

  3. Good to hear your back is responding well to the exercises and that logging your workouts is keeping you motivated. One savoured piece of banana bread that was a gift from your husband could only be regarded as a good thing. You are turning those dreams into reality šŸ™‚

  4. Half a kilo may not feel like heaps, but thats a great start, and likely to stay off (rather than losing many kilos on some fad health kick and then getting them back).

    Wow this is impressive! I suppose I did train for water polo and play. That’s not so bad, really. The BF just asked if I wanted to run whilst he was at the gym, I decided I would go volunteer at the coop instead. Oh and he’s on me about droptober. I had waffles for breakfast this morning – a hangover from last week’s anniversary plans which we foiled by the cafe being closed šŸ˜¦ Anyhow, I have had some super healthy days with HEAPS of veggies, so I’m proud of that!

  5. Well done on your healthy days. And thanks for the positive affirmation.

    Mmmm! Waffles. I eat them with tonnes of cream and raspberry jam. So I can’t make them or they will destroy Droptober.

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