Archive | October 19, 2013

Woo Hoo!

Who can believe it!? Look at this!


I have 100 people following my blog. Who cares if half of them are spammers, or no longer exist, or don’t even read my posts.

There are people who care to read my scratchings! Scratchings which may be considered typing rather than writing. (Damn it, why did someone else think of that line first?)

Anyway a shout out to those who bother commenting. I am really chuffed that you do.

So hi to Jo, Sarah, Just Peachie from Simple Savings, an exacting life, Cathy, Tif, Barb, Megan and all the others who have posted comments.

And to all the followers, hope my typing is either entertaining or motivating. Or at the very least provides an excuse to procrastinate any task that needs doing as you catch up with your blog reading.

Sloth: the sin that needs no effort


We all know it is easier to sit and not do exercise than it is to get off your butt and do something.

Even when you know doing nothing will hurt your back, let the calories convert to fat on your hips and waist, assist the growth of bad cholesterol.

So they say ….

Find something you enjoy! Yeah, right! I enjoy sitting and reading, or watching TV, or chatting with friends, or daydreaming.

OK then, make exercise a routine. Yeah but when it’s cold or wet or dark or I have to do something for the family or there’s a work function, things intervene. Also these things vary so I don’t always have the same time free.

Well, you need to make time for you. You won’t be able to work if you’re ill. Yes, but work pays the bills. And no work, no house, food, electricity.

Look, just bloody well do it. OK, OK. I’m off backside and out the door.

Let’s just admit, sometimes you’re tired, or it’s cold, or you couldn’t be arsed, or it is easier just not to. But do you want to be slimmer, fitter, more healthy? Or do you want to moan that the dress doesn’t fit, that your waist is expanding, that you get puffed walking around and that if Bunnings had wider aisles you could drive along them and that’d help you!

Or do you want to take the pills and the surgery to fix your heart or cholesterol or blood sugar levels or knees when you’re older?

So you can take the easy way out and remain unhealthy and continue to gain weight. And hide the realisation that you are the only one hurting yourself.


You can put down that bag of chips and do some exercise.

I came home from my first day back at work yesterday quite late. It was a long day. At work from 7.30am to 6.15pm, with no break – ate lunch while in a meeting. When I made it home, I could have sat and enjoyed a glass of bubbles but I dragged my husband with me on my walk so we could talk as we walked. And I did not have any bikkies, cakes or lollies at work. I was given a freshly made profiterole. And still I didn’t eat it.

Win all round.

And here’s my other favourite sin:


Loving the return of my waist!