Woo Hoo!

Who can believe it!? Look at this!


I have 100 people following my blog. Who cares if half of them are spammers, or no longer exist, or don’t even read my posts.

There are people who care to read my scratchings! Scratchings which may be considered typing rather than writing. (Damn it, why did someone else think of that line first?)

Anyway a shout out to those who bother commenting. I am really chuffed that you do.

So hi to Jo, Sarah, Just Peachie from Simple Savings, an exacting life, Cathy, Tif, Barb, Megan and all the others who have posted comments.

And to all the followers, hope my typing is either entertaining or motivating. Or at the very least provides an excuse to procrastinate any task that needs doing as you catch up with your blog reading.


10 thoughts on “Woo Hoo!

  1. Congratulations Lucinda on your centenary!
    You wrote an interesting comment on one of the minimalist blogs I follow so I looked up your blog. Apart from realising that we both live in Sydney I enjoyed the humour in your posts. Who could resist following a journey to gorgeousness, health and organised living?

  2. You write as well as you type my dear! I am loving following your honest and funny journey to gorgeousness, and I am so happy to have a lovely cyber buddy!

    • Oh, I’ve come over all shy. I’m not good with compliments, even though I have this horrible need to be liked, which I had to get rid of at work and now have transferred to my blog. It has to come out somewhere!

  3. You’re hilarious, and motivating, and a little sassy – what’s not to like, my lady! Congrats on the milestone – I have no idea how many ‘followers’ I have now that I’m off the wordpress.org train. The bf just said I should try and increase my readers, and I looked at him with disdain! But it is nice to speak, and engage in conversations with cyber buddies all around!

    • I was initially going to have my blog as private; just a record of my ramblings. And I don’t really care if I build my followers. But I agree, it is so nice to chat with cyber buddies. I miss my regulars who comment and blog if they take a holiday. As much as I miss my IRL friends.

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