Your Ideal Wardrobe

Here’s something I am asking myself: if I could start over again, what would be in my ideal wardrobe?

Are there items already in my wardrobe that I would have in my ideal wardrobe? Yes, most definitely. But there are other things getting in the way.

What would I have in my ideal wardrobe?

I’d definitely keep my jeans. And I love my dresses. I’d keep, and have a few more, sequinned tops.

And what would I toss?

Faded denim jacket. Who needs two when they don’t wear one? I keep thinking everyone needs a denim jacket and I’d look cool in one. Never happens. When I put it on, I just look frumpy or bogan. And in faded I look even worse.

Goodbye this skirt from a suit. I loved it but the skirt sits funny as the lining is ripped and frayed and the material is past its best. I will keep the pants and the jacket. (No one wants matchy matchy anymore.)

Out goes a skirt with a flattering cut. It has pilled and has pulled threads. I’m too old to have mangy clothes.

Donated to find a new home with someone who feels the cold is a heavy, woollen coat. Why declutter this? It shows the decade from whence it came. Dated cut. And really, it is not that warm with a big split up the back which lets in the cold. It also fails on the weight to warmth test.


And this cropped lace top, how did it ever survive even getting into the 90s?


But this sequinned top is definitely a stayer. Luff it!


And this outfit is for keeps. The skirt doesn’t show up too well, but it is pink pleats.


And a bit of leopard skin print on a furry, soft jacket. Mmmm. No stockings were injured in the making of this jacket. Of course, it is too hot even to think about wearing this at the moment.


Illuminating question, this.

So if you could start over, what would be in your ideal wardrobe? And what would you toss?


8 thoughts on “Your Ideal Wardrobe

  1. Even though I have hardly any clothes, I do have to toss some tshirts and get some more each year. Maybe I should start to buy something that will last longer than tshirts. Linen or cotton shirts? I’m still after a classic trench coat and black pullover, and a white shirt. Oh, and perfect ballet flats. My shopping buddy is on the lookout for me.. I think I just really want to look like a cross between Inspector Gadget and Audrey Hepburn (maybe leaning more towards Audrey..)

  2. I would be hard pressed choosing between a new wardrobe that was completely practical and would last; and my ideal “fun” wardrobe, which wouldn’t! I posted once about a “starting over” wardrobe here:
    (Feel free to delete the link as this isn’t intended as self-promotion!)

    • I couldn’t cull to the extent of your starting over wardrobe. And I haven’t done a complete audit of my clothes and accessories as you have done, as I have so many things. I do agree with the idea of different wardrobes – work, casual, fun, dressy – and I do have that. People at work think I wear my work clothes out. No way. Not only because they are too conservative and officey as befits my work place but because putting them on reminds me of work. And I cannot decide on one or two colour schemes. I have different patterns and colours.

      The other thing is sometimes you don’t know if an item you buy will end up being loved or left to languish. some do not wash well, or make me itch, or sit funny, or restrict you after wearing a bit. And in the shop looked and fitted perfectly.

      • So true! Despite doing my clothes inventory and paring down quite a bit, I don’t consider myself a minimalist. I won’t be restricting myself further or starting over!

  3. Lucinda that’s a great question and will really help you decide what stays and what goes. I’m happy with all I have at the moment but there will always be editing in the future as I strive for less of everything.
    Have you thought of a white denim jacket? I use mine a lot with jeans, skirts and even dresses.

    • Haven’t thought of a white jacket yet, Megan, as I am still on my no clothes buying year. The other problem I have is the cut of demin jackets make me look boxy and bigger. They just don’t suit me. but I like the lookl on others which is why I kept both my demin jackets for so long. The remaining one should probably be culled but as it is a classic I will hang onto it for a while even though I do not wear it.

  4. What a great question! I tend to think more now on what silhouette I’m hoping for (and droptober is helping get the figure that goes with it!). For that reason, the endless number of pencil skirts stay – if I ditched them, I’d only buy more! I have a shirt dress that’s no longer flattering/cute, so whilst I like the idea and style, I need a better fabric or print. I struggle with a ‘nice’ summer top. The new ones might be good, but they are little older than my age, but everything else will wash poorly or need a more toned arm etc (or bigger boobs!)

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