Archive | October 26, 2013

Exercise log

The pain buggers off and you can’t remember what a cripple you were, right?

Well something miraculous happened this week since I’ve been back at work.

I kept exercising!

I know, I’m impressed too.

I’ve already posted today how I have resisted most goodies, except the scones. (And I don’t care, I’m no Michelle Bridges and I will call them goodies even though I know they are bad for me, and it sounds like deprivation to say I am not eating goodies.)

My back needs me to strengthen my backside and stomach muscles and I’m not going back there!

So you think my core should be strong because of how long I’ve been doing Pilates once a week? Nah! I talk too much while I’m there and do more old-lady-stretching-and-low-reps style of Pilates.

Behold the record of my continued commitment and ignore my son who exclaimed, “So when did you become all exercisey and fit?”

Day 1: 3.2km walk.
Day 2: My set exercises.
Day 3: 4.2km walk.
Day 4: 3.2km walk and half an hour of Yoga stretches.
Day 5: 1 hour Pilates.
Day 6: My set exercises.
Day 7: Nothing! Had a really bad headache. Just had to lie down.

Yah me, the exercisey fit thing signing out.

Oh, bugger it. I’m not signing off just yet.

I just have to brag. I can’t finish the post unless I do. I can hold the planks for 40 seconds. Three times. No worries. And I can do the side plank from my toes. And hold each side for 40 seconds too.

Good. I feel better for letting you know bragging about how strong I am becoming.

Quitting time

“I’s the boss. I say when it quitting time.”


“Quitting time.”

I realise that it has been over a week since giving you an update on Droptober. That’s because I have been rather successful at it. And, as I have written before, success makes for rather a boring blog. There’s no drama, no need for readers to commiserate, no heightened emotions.

So why have I been able to drop the junk?

There has been the occasional chocolate. (Allowed under my sub-rules, so no breaking the Drop.) This month is not about total deprivation. It is about dropping the unhealthy snacks. One little daily treat is allowed. The treat is savoured rather than shoved down the gullet in the handfuls. Knowing I can have the chocolate is often enough; there have been days when I just didn’t even feel like one.

It may be my mind is like that when I did Dry July? It is only a month, we can cope. Possibly. But I think my internal thinking really is more along the lines, “Treats are for sometimes. Your health and weight loss are more important that eating junk every day.”

But those who can’t stand to hear that others are successful where you are not in battling the reaching for fatty junk food, fear not. I succumbed yesterday. At a meeting off-site, so no access to my office or work fridge. Meeting started at 8.30, and by morning tea time I was famished. My tummy was grumbling. I ate two small scones with jam and cream. Didn’t feel bad about it, just wished there was a more healthy choice. I couldn’t not eat because I would have been making earth shattering grumbling noises by lunch, (which was a Thai beef salad and fruit, quite healthy).

I didn’t eat the chocolate last night as I had already eaten a treat with the scones. Remember the concept of treats? They are for sometimes, for special occasions, not for being the major source of calorie consumption or eaten throughout the day, everyday.

Earlier in the week I explained to a colleague that I had eaten enough biscuits in my life and really didn’t need another Arnotts assorted to feel like I had something good in my life. Much better to be healthy and look forward to the treats that will come at Christmas.

My husband is doing his best to support. No negative comments, no saying “You shouldn’t eat that.” Yesterday evening he was siting outside. I went to talk with him. “Don’t come out here!” he called with a sense of urgency or warning.

“Why? Did you fart?”

“No, I’m eating liquorice.” Bless him. He didn’t want to tempt me, knowing I don’t want to weaken and break my Droptober.

But you see, it is the same as the Great Wardrobe Diet. Get over the initial addiction, and it becomes much easier.