Archive | October 27, 2013

Lucinosophy (and a post with many asides)

The central thesis of the philosophy of Lucinda, aka Lucinosophy, is weekends need to be fun and gorgeous.

If I was asked to be a referee for this weekend, given that anything to which I put my name I must speak honestly and with integrity about because it is my name (thank you John Proctor, “leave me my name” – though if I was going to be burnt as a witch I would give up my name and make up a new one) I could not whole-heartedly recommend this weekend.

Yet, I believe I may be a little to quick to condemn this weekend.

On reflection, while not having the flash of a Catherine Wheel or the bonhomie of a game show host or the gorgeousness of a sequinned top, there was a soft glow like that from a slow burning taper. So maybe I would give this weekend a job.

A long slow breakfast, with a perfect cup of tea served in beautiful Wedgwood, and the Saturday paper took until midday. Followed by some household chores. (Gotta love a shiny bathroom!)

I vented via a long post for my blog which I have not uploaded. (Who wants to read a whinge about whingers? And this blog is about sweetness and light and happy, happy, joy, joy. Not grinchy, bleak house, world issues.) Off loading the anger left me free to do an afternoon walk with a neighbour for fitness and gossip time. Then time to do my set exercises. (And becoming quite chuffed with my planking ability and my shrinking waist.)

Enjoyed the cool of the evening with takeaway grilled barramundi and chips on the back verandah with the family. (I have discovered a new taste for fish and chips but grilled not battered and deep fried.)


Then watched Miss Fisher on iView. A murder mystery, with a touch of romance and the most gorgeous fashion ever! What a lovely Saturday night viewing. (Why doesn’t the ABC release a line of the clothes? I would break my Great Wardrobe Diet to wear Miss Fisher’s outfits.)


Sunday and another slow breakfast with time to read the paper. I did my community service with time at a working bee at a local school. (No, it’s OK, I don’t need a medal.)

More household chores that those of us without real life help must do. (But oh the joy of getting into sun bleached sheets tonight! And ironed pillow cases!) Menu planning and grocery shopping sealed the weekend’s chores.

Now time for some champagne cocktails (fancy term for bubbles and cranberry juice) while watching more ABC comedy on iView.

A family dinner of salad (curly lettuce, tomatoes, roast sweet potato and cucumber in a balsamic dressing), pasta with pesto, mushrooms and onion and, for dessert, rockmelon. Again on the verandah. (It is that time of year the where for the next 7 months we eat outside on the back verandah, but when it is light before the mozzies come out.)

Soul soothed, mind calmed, house ready.

Bring on the next week.