Tighter than a ….

It’s getting way too easy, this no buying clothes thing.

I hope I am not turning into a Scrooge?

I have definitely not turned into someone who doesn’t care about their clothes. I like to dress up. I like receiving compliments about my outfits. I like playing with my clothes.

Now that I am considering the true cost of clothes, I don’t like to brag, “You wouldn’t believe this only cost $10.”or “You won’t believe what I paid!” Which is kind of easy to avoid, given that I haven’t bought anything new all year. But I can’t help myself responding a d pointing out the possible cost to workers and the environment when others brag about the cheapness of their recent purchases. There’s nothing like the fervency of a new convert!

My current bragging revolves around a refrain of this theme: “Oh this number? It’s over 4 years old. Had it for ages.”

I like how a sabbatical from mindless consumerism has allowed me time to reflect on my needs and wants regarding clothes, time to consider how my style has changed and time to organise my clothes.

Two months to go. And I know they will be a piece of cake. Except they’ll be a metaphoric cake, given I am continuing Droptober.



8 thoughts on “Tighter than a ….

  1. Congratulations Lucinda
    At least you aren’t deceiving yourself and others with the ‘this old thing has been in the wardrobe for ages’ when it only came into the house the week beforehand!
    Take care

  2. When I saw the title I thought this post was going to be about your gorgeous new derriere, after all this exercise and ‘droptobering’!

    • No clothing at all, Amanda. This year I have bought a pair of shoes, one bra and half a dozen undies. That’s it. In the accessory department I have bought a couple of bracelets and two scarf rings. Noting else!

      • That’s great 🙂 I’d like to try tracking my purchases to see the number of items I purchase a year in 2014. I was shocked when I heard the average woman (in the US) buys something like 60 pieces of clothing a year . .

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