Just another binge?

I started this latest regime of exercise to protect my back. And it seems to be working. I have had nothing, not even a twinge, for a few weeks.

Now to keep on doing it!

Have a told you before I am more your book reading, TV watching sloth?

In the past I have started an exercise regime, seen results and then, without any notice, just stopped. I seem to be a binge exerciser. All out for a while, and then nothing for a longer while, nothing.

But thus far, I am still exercising! I think keeping the exercise log, and the memory of the back pain, is stopping me stopping!

Here’s the 7 days following on from my last exercise log.

Day 1: 4.2km walk.
Day 2: My set exercises. And 55 minute walk.
Day 3: 30 minute walk and one hour working bee at local school.
Day 4: 30 minute walk.
Day 5: 1 hour Pilates.
Day 6: My set exercises.
Day 7: Nothing! Thursdays seem to be my no exercise day! This was a late day at work, a community meeting and Halloween.

I love silly memes, and here’s one of my new favourites, just to finish off this post.


5 thoughts on “Just another binge?

  1. Glad to hear it! I hope you keep it up 🙂

    And I agree – I’d much rather read than exercise. I even have 2 audiobooks on my ipod to motivate me to walk . . worked in September, but not so much as it gets colder!

  2. I love your meme, but I often think I’d suck at being a housewife!! Seriously, a week away and I got a little stir crazy trying to fill all that time. I suppose that’s what pinterest is for :p

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