My future self

Here’s a thought to maybe help you resist that piece of cake or that Mars bar:

Think about your future self!

Right now you want gratification, you want to satisfy that craving. Or you forget that you are eating healthily and, out of habit, you reach for that chocolate bar.

But how will your future self view your consumption of that gooey chocolate bar?

Will your five-minute-from-now self feel guilty that you ate it?

Will your one-week-from-now self regret the message on the scales?

Will your one-year-from-now self fear what the doctor revels about the cholesterol and blood glucose tests?

For your future self, say no to the sugar and bad fat!

This thinking has helped me resist the left-over chocolates from Halloween. Happy to report I haven’t eaten one of these.

Happy to report the packet is empty but not from my efforts.

Unhappy to report that my sons have left the empty packet in the pantry for the house elves to drop in the bin.

9 thoughts on “My future self

  1. But how can you resist – Mars Bars are AWESOME!!! You’re right though, you’ve got to think beyond the craving in the moment. I’m back on being healthy after a week long gorge – I seemed to avoid photographing EVERY cake, but there were many!

    • Yes, I know. I thought about having just one gooey, sweet, messy thing. But, really, I have had a LOT of Mars Bars in my life. I haven’t forgotten what they are like. And is it worth possibly being told in 10 years time I have to take medication for my cholesterol? (Rhetorical question, that.)

  2. I wish my future self was louder and more bossy. She knows that I want, and need, to get fit to follow the lifestyle I want when I am older but she doesn’t say anything until the crud is eaten. How do I get her to be more assertive? We, me and she, both need a good kick!!

  3. Well done you though! You’re getter stronger within yourself every day. I might go back and read through some old posts and try and get me some of that resolve.


    • Love it Barb. Your future self needs to be more assertive. Too funny!

      Well, here the thing. My mother has had several heart ops. She is morbidly obese and does no exercise. I nag her – how can you chose surgery and horrendous medications over eating better and doing some exercise? I can’t be a hypocrite and don’t want to be unable to do what I want (travel) when I retire or have to go on medication. And I definitely don’t want my bad back back. That back was a killer and definitely made my future self more assertive.

  4. I’m with Barb, my future self needs to be more assertive. This week she is going to be real mad at me, as I have now settled in for at least a week of stress-induced comfort eating…

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