Good but bad but good but …

With my feminist sensibilities I shouldn’t even care.


But I can’t help it. I am contradictory. Although that places me in good company.

So, it’s good that I’ve lost weight.

But it’s bad that I haven’t lost as much as I thought and it’s bad that it takes so much “giving up” to lose the little weight that I did.

But it’s good I’m being healthier and still losing the fat.

But it’s bad I even care. And it is bad that I care that I haven’t lost much weight.

And it’s good that, considering I went to the exercise physiologist for recurring back pain not for weight loss, that I haven’t had any pain for 5 weeks. (Only a niggling hip for a few days.)

Anyway, enough with the dilemmas.

I am 68 kilos. (But 67 on my home scales?)

Dropping half a kilo a fortnight. So bloody slow!

Still at least I am in the healthy weight range again.

But …

Opps. Enough with the dilemmas!

[Applaud now!]

My exercise physiologist says 67 kilos is doable on my current eating and exercise but any lower will either mean a much bigger change to my eating or stepping up my exercise to something I have no time or inclination to do.


8 thoughts on “Good but bad but good but …

  1. I hate dilemmas. I don’t think it is a bad thing to care about how you look and feel. Really don’t think that means you are not being a ‘good’ feminist. I am sure your body image is not your defining characteristic.. but eating less never seems appealing. However, after a while of changing the way you eat, I have found I stopped craving some kinds of junk – haven’t eaten a chocolate biscuit for years, and they’re not very appealing any more. Used to eat them by the handful. Still eat a certain expensive kind of dark chocolate chips by the handful though… must work on that!

    • I can always count on you to give me a boost with some positive comment. Thanks, Jo. And your dark chocolate eating is healthy. Dark chocolate being good for you and all. And giving up all that bad fat that comes in biscuits. Good going!

  2. Good on ya – weight loss is weight lost and is Good no matter how much it is – stressing over how much was lost and feeling bad over the number is Bad!
    Come on Lucinda having a healthier back is a positive and not one to be sneered at – celebrate that and never mind the fact that you might just have to put a bit more effort into achieving the longed for number. I’m sure as the back gets stronger the will ( and desire) to up the exercise regime will also become stronger

    Now my dilemma was to chip or not to chip:)
    Potato chips are bad, I used to love them to the point of having packs hidden in the car for fear of what The Golfer would say. Good is the thought that I can now walk past them in the supermarket or at functions and not bat an eyelid. Good is the realisation my numbers are dropping, my clothes are fitting more easily and my back is definitely feeling much better. Oh and my number is 67 as well ( kilos that is)

    • Yes, Cahty, I am trying not to be one of those whingers who lose weight and complain about it.

      And way to go, you!! Giving up addictions, losing weight and having a better back. I was regularly eating those little packets of Twisties and chips. Often took 2 or 3 and rationalised that they were small. But have been quite good and no longer crave some every day.

  3. I do think it’s a big dilemma as to whether we buy in to a “size-ist” society. I appreciate people of all shapes and sizes, but I do think about the health implications and I think that’s valid. I just try to keep my opinions to myself and focus on my own health, rather than lecture other people!

    • Yes, agreed.

      Except for my mother, I do keep my statements of health related to obesity to myself too. And I don’t see size in others unless it is extreme obesity. I “see” underweight more readily than I “see” overweight. I actually think a bit of flesh is more attractive.

  4. Congratulations! Nice work!

    I like cuddly over bony too, as you commented to Dar.

    I need to get more rigid about making healthier choices! Make 77 down to 70 at least!

    • Here’s a healthy choice: ate herrings on toast for lunch together my omega-3. Would have much rather not but I have to make myself eat more oily fish. I think I’ll try to do this once a week.

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