Leopard print is a neutral

Let’s get back to the more trivial.

Ten years go you would never have seen me dead in even a hint of leopard skin print. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Well, either my opinion on leopard print has changed or my attitude to being tacky has changed. Now I embrace, neigh celebrate, my inner tacky.

Of course, one large piece with leopard print at a time is enough, or two pieces with some detail in leopard print.

Purrrr! Here’s my pieces.

My first leopard print item. A top. This is the one that broke me in.

A little clutch in a glow-meshie type of material. Glitter and leopard print! What more could a gal want?

A bag with a little detail.

My jacket. This is unbelievably soft and has an amazing weight to warmth ratio; it is so warm but weighs nothing.


And maybe my favourite item. My shoes which I shared in a previous post.


OK, the next item isn’t leopard print but is still from the big cat family. Lingerie. Oh la la.

And finally, my absolute favourites. Cats’ eyes sunnies.

6 items. Too much? No! I am after more. A pair of shoes with a heel. But we know how fussy I am with shoes!


7 thoughts on “Leopard print is a neutral

  1. I think it’s an age thing – my mother hated it, and paid out one of my teachers who loved it (with me), but now she’s a convert too. And she also likes zebra print!

    • Ahhh! Another thing to had to “You know you’re a certain age when”. You like prunes as a sweet , you like leopard print …

      And I was like your mother – mocked those who wore it. Now a convert. Oh how we change!

  2. Lucinda I love your leopard collection!
    Over the past few years (now that I’m a woman of a “certain age”) I have acquired a leopard print scarf, belt and ballet flats but only ever wear two of them at the same time as I feel a bit “over the top” otherwise. Your lightweight leopard jacket looks great and I could see myself in something similar.
    I do agree that sometimes people wearing animal prints can look tacky but it is usually more to do with other aspects of their appearance (too much or garish make-up, an excessive amount of large jewellery etc). I have seen many examples of animal print non-tackiness and even downright elegance and I feel sure that you and I would be in this category 🙂

    • Thank you Megan. And I agree with you on the tackiness gauge – it depends on what else and how the leopard print is worn.

      I’d love to have a leopard print scarf and belt. I know I won’t bother with the scarf. I love them on other people and have bought some, only to never wear them. Or if I do I rip them off as I can’t stand things around my neck (except down the snow where you have to to keep warm).

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