Just looking…

It’s been nearly a year, and I haven’t bought any clothes.

But oh, dear Great Wardrobe Diet supporters, I have started looking. I won’t weaken, not now that I am so close to the finishing line, so don’t fear. But I have seen some clothes I would like.

What about these dresses? Even the name of the company,Bombshell, appeals to me. I could see me in any, and all, of these.





And you know my one weakness is a unique coat. What about this one?


OK, I am heading into summer and would have no call to wear it for many months, but it is so different and classically gorgeous. Just my style, something that isn’t “on trend” and so never dates, and something so unique and beautiful it will attract comments.

Same with the dresses. But my more frugal self is telling me I don’t need any of these. I have enough dresses and coats. Why would I need another?

Today’s dress for work was an old one but in my new svelte self (well, on the way back to my svelte self) I had comments at work (“Nice dress, Miss”).


OK, so I won’t buy dresses (well, maybe one) but I will be on the look out for some tops come January.

But while we’re on frivolous shopping, I’ve found a new scent I like, and will buy shortly. It’s quite a strong and long-lasting scent. Florabotanica by Balenciaga.

Do you switch perfumes or stick with a favourite scent?

I’m a switcher.

(Side story from earlier in the week: little unfortunately, I was on my way to a meeting at an alternate office and, having to park in the local shopping centre, I sprayed myself liberally with the new, wished-for scent as I walked through the department store. Opps, I forgot that there was a lady in this office who has an extreme chemical sensitivity/allergy. Luckily I didn’t cause any anaphylaxis. As the hip youngsters currently say, “Awkward.”)

PS: here’s another view of today’s dress. It was worn by Keli Lane during her trial. To say I was shocked she had my dress on is an understatement. OK, if I was a more sensitive, less shallow person, I would be equally more shocked about the actual case. Awkward.



12 thoughts on “Just looking…

  1. I couldn’t do without new clothes for a year. As my basics wear out or look too shabby for work, I feel I have to replace them. This year I replaced half a dozen pairs of shoes and boots, all of which felt like necessities. I suppose the alternative is wearing the same outfit 2 or 3 days a week, which I am not quite willing to do! So I don’t blame you for looking. Your dress is lovely and you wear it well. Never mind about that other one!

    • Thanks Dar. I do like a wrap dress. They tend to sit nicely for my shape which is very hour glass.

      I own so many pieces that they don’t get to wear out. I have thought about having a wardrobe of key pieces like you do, and replacing them every year. But I worry I won’t find something I like, that fits and suits me and is the right price. And I like rediscovering clothes. The power of the novel for me. I can go weeks without wearing the same thing. It comes with having over 40 dresses!

      • Wow, that’s an impressive dress collection! It is a problem when I limit myself to basics and then some years, I don’t like the cut or the fabric or the sizing. I have to make do with less, buy things I don’t like, or stray into completely different, unplanned purchases. Have you done a post on your favourite dresses?

  2. Your almost one year without new clothes is a fantastic effort (speaking from the place I am now which is nearly four months without new clothes) and I understand that you want to reach that finishing line now that you are so close.
    However I also understand why you are tempted – those Bombshell dresses are very appealing! Maybe your favourite could be a Christmas gift from a loving family member – does that count?
    Wearing a black camisole changes the appearance somewhat of the dress you and Keli Lane have in common – and she will not have an opportunity to wear it again for a long while anyway.
    My perfume allegiances have changed slowly over the years as some remained youthful and I did not but I have always had two – one for Spring/Summer and another for Autumn/Winter. Your Florabotanica sounds lovely for Summer – and I’m sure it will arrive someday soon!

    • Yes, isn’t it funny when you try a scent you loved as a more youthful thing and realise that the scent is not made for one who hasn’t discovered the power of eternal youth!

      I do like the idea of a Sumer and winter scent. And will definitely buy this perfume soon. Maybe duty free when I go to NZ, or from Strawberrynet.

      I thought about asking Mr Sans to buy me the grey dress. It was on sale but they no longer have my size. The others are too pricey as they are from the UK. What if I don’t like the feel of the material, or they don’t fit? I won’t take the risk for a full price item. But….when the site next has a sale, I will be able to buy. Yah!

  3. They are fabulous dresses – now I think you are a doppelganger for my mother’s fabulous best friend!

    I think it’s lovely the student complimented you, and he probably doesn’t know who Keli Lane is, but even if he does, he won’t remember what dress she wore (she did always look so sharp for court though, didn’t she?)

    I have two perfumes, which are enough for me. One is only available now in Germany (who knows why), the other is from Hermes which when I bought it was only in Europe, but is now more widely spread. I don’t like a lot of ‘notes’ in fragrances so the second of these two was lucky to join the collection, as I was ok with being a one smell gal! Other gifted fragrances have been freecycled! Oh and I wear the one with the most left in the bottle everyday, and the other one for ‘special occassions’. Just in case you wondered!

    • Thank you, Sarah. It actually was a girl who complimented me. There’s an unwritten law that boys don’t mention a female teacher’s appearance. Not that teenage boys would notice a dress anyway.

      What an excuse to travel to Europe – have to pick up my perfume, can’t wear any other sent. I love your logical approach to which one to use the most. Must be the engineer in you!

  4. Great job on this challenge! I really like the red dress 🙂

    Completely off topic, but when I saw the picture of Keli I got distracted by the woman standing next to her wearing a wig! So of course I had to read about it on Wikipedia and I am shocked to find that wearing wigs and dressing in old fashioned clothing is the norm in tons of countries (in court anyway). Everyone wears regular clothing here in the US, except the judge who usually just wears a robe over their outfit.

    • Were you laughing and thinking what an ugly wig, doesn’t that woman know we can all tell you are wearing a wig? Or did you kinda get that it was to do with court?

      I love off topic comments, asides and digressions.

      What we notice or what strikes us is often not what the writer intended or it could be something that the writer didn’t even notice. But isn’t it funny what we pick up about other countries and people reading blogs? I never knew there were black squirrels until I read a post on an exacting life. I shared my new piece of info at work. They all didn’t know there were black squirrels either.

      • You mentioned the picture had to do with Keli’s trial, and she has that robe on, so I kinda the wig had something to do with court. I hope women don’t go around wearing wigs like just for fashion! 😉

        haha, I was the same with the black squirrel over at an exacting life! I have learned so much reading blogs! Like kerbs in Australia = curbs here. Random, but interesting to me. Maybe it’s one of those things to file away for when I meet a road inspector at a party? haha

  5. Oh that grey dress! Gina Lollobrigida! I KNOW you could carry that of with style and grace! I love gorgeous frocks, not that you would know that of course, looking at my wardrobe! I am hunting for a black and white wrap dress just like yours (and Keli’s!). Those dresses so elegant and swishy and flattering.
    Love your skinny shorts guage. I have a tightish work out t-shirt. When I can bear to wear it out walking in public I will know that my stomach is finally the shape I want it to be. That would be flat:)

    • That grey dress is my favourite. I thought about asking Mr Sans to buy it for Christmas, but too late. They don’t have my size now. This is the only time I regret the Great Wardrobe Diet. But I know they will have a sale next year. And I will buy several. I know. Greedy.

      Nice wrap dresses are hard to source. There are some ones with horrible patterns. Why add ugliness to this world! I haven’t seen one I like for ages – except Diane von Ferstenberg. But she is too expensive.

      I am sure if you fit the size 10 RMWilliams jeans you have a flat stomach! But glad you clarified your desired shape. I thought, being the earth mother you obviously are, your preferred shape might be full of fucund roundness?

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