An alternate weight loss gauge

As regular reader will know, the scales at my exercise physiologist are not as friendly as the scales in my bathroom. Her scales say I have only lost two kilos in the last eight or so weeks and now weigh 68 kilos. My bathroom scales are more generous and tell me I am 66 kilos.

But I have another gauge.

Behold my skinny shorts.

Three months ago I couldn’t get into them. Two months ago I could get them on but I couldn’t do them up. Now I can do them up. Just.

They’re a little tight. Well, not-fit-for-public tight. So I am being loose with the truth when I say they are a little tight.

The fat has to go somewhere. These shorts push it up to a double muffin top.

But they are my gauge for weight loss. I know I have got to gorgeous in weight when I can fit into these. And be willing to be seen in public in them.

What’s your skinny clothes gauge?

15 thoughts on “An alternate weight loss gauge

  1. Wow, slowly we are seeing you! I can’t believe you have such cute little shorts, so different to your saucy dresses! Seriously, you are a lady of style.

    I have some work pants that SAY they are the same size as the others, but CLEARLY aren’t – they have never felt comfortable, seeing I’m expanding in size due to bf move in/relationship settling etc. I will make them ‘comfy’ I will! I’m starting my walking plan tomorrow, I can’t wait til next Sunday!

    • Your positive affirmations are balm to the soul, Sarah. Whenever I am feeling down, I am going to blog and await your comments. Thank you!

      I know what you mean about clothes that SAY they are one size but putting them on tells you that is not so. Enjoy the walking plan. Andrew Cate’s book, “Walk off Weight”, has a good walking program with sound advice.

  2. My weight moves on & off slowly, so sadly I have discarded the last size 12 3/4 pants that would have been my skinny pants. I don’t really keep clothes that don’t fit anymore.
    I enjoyed this post & well done on your weight loss!

    • Thank you, Peachie.

      I too have tossed a heap of clothes I no longer fit in. But some not so skinny clothes I have kept. To motivate. And to help me gauge. (And hopefully to celebrate.)

  3. Like Sarah, I have a pair of work pants that I can only wear at my ideal weight. If I even gain 3-5 lbs they are too tight. And if I try to wear them all day at work when I have gained weight, they are very uncomfortable. So they are my gauge. On the flip side, I have some other work pants with no defined waist band, that I can always get into. If I find excuses to wear them 2 or 3 times in a week, I know I am avoiding stepping on the scale!

  4. That is great news! 🙂

    Your strategy of using clothes to judge weight loss is one of the suggestions in the book Mindless Eating. The author found that prisoners who only wore loose jumpsuits gained weight and didn’t notice as compared to people wearing normal pants/shirts.

    • Amanda, did the book say what the poor prisoners who realised they were putting on weight were able to do? Chose an alternate food supply? Or realise too late that they were getting fat and just smile!

      Lest you think of me as virtuous, let me tell you I do go for comfort, especially when I get home. Trackie pants and oversized T-shirts. I also had a padded, flannelette shirt that I wore constantly at home for over 20 years. It wore out and I only just threw it away. My family wanted to have a ceremony to bury it.

  5. ROTFL! I just sniffed my way here from Jo at “All the blue day”‘s blog and LERVE that double muffin top look ;). By the way…you pinched my blog background! Now “I” am getting competitive! ;). Keep the fun up with the weight loss and the planking…my money is on Jo though, she can be VERY tenacious when she wants to 😉

    • Thanks for dropping by. Tenacity and commitment. Definitely not me. So, yeah, Jo will win.

      I wish I was creative and techno-minded and could design my own background. But less chance of that happening than getting to 60 sec in planking.

  6. They are great shorts! Oh for the days when I could wear things like that. What a great idea to remain accountable to clothes – much more practical than the scales! My jeans are the gauge for me. It’s too hard to find “good” jeans so when they get tight, that’s it. No more bad food for a few weeks!

    • The shorts may be a gauge but I think I may be past the age of wearing them with a great deal of style. More mutton in shorts. Still…

      I agree about jeans. I hate shopping for jeans. Nearly as bad as swimmers. So I have to be able to get into my favourites. I have disposed of ones that I have no chance of ever getting back into but I won’t let myself go beyond the ones I have now.

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