If you’re dieting, why are you eating that?

You know the rolled eyes? The one that means, “Thought you were dieting?”

I’ve also been directly asked, “Why are you eating that? I thought you were dieting?” Or, “But that’s high fat.”

See, I’m not depriving myself. I’m not changing my whole eating plan. I am not making wholesale changes.

What I am doing is making one small change – to my snacks.

(And no getting around it by saying I will have the slice of cake for lunch. Cakes and bikkies are not lunch food.)

I still have oven fries occasionally with my steak for dinner. And BBQ sauce, which is high in sugar.

I still have pasta. With grated cheese on top.

I still go out for Indian or Thai.

I still have the occasional toasted white bread with jam for breakfast.

Diets, where you have to follow a menu of foods you wouldn’t normally eat, don’t work. You cannot sustain it. No one can. You won’t eat what you don’t like or don’t normally eat. You come off “The Diet” and put the weight back on.

But a small change, a change to my snacks, a return to 1970s view of treats, has had a big impact on my diet, diet in the broader sense of what we eat daily.

There is scope to make more small changes should I feel the need or feel I am up to it. Portion size, alcohol reduction, more protein, more fish. I might look at those. But for now, I can definitely see the principles of Droptober continuing, even if more “special” foods slipped in while on No no no November.

I don’t feel deprived. If the cake is delish, and it is a special occasion, and I have not had it every day in the past week, I can treat myself.

Now, all this might fly out the window if my cholesterol continues to rise. But as my waist is shrinking and my weight is decreasing, I hope there is a commensurate decrease in my cholesterol.

And while I went nearly totally cold turkey in October Droptober, I allowed myself the occasional treat. A treat in Droptober that had some eyes rolling at work…. A gluten free mango cake. My God it is the most delicious thing you have ever tasted. It is worth whatever its calorie content. I had two small pieces. It is such a rare treat as it has to be especially ordered in with 24 hours notice; this one was because we had an international delegation visiting our workplace. I haven’t asked where I can get it from. I don’t want to be tempted to get it too frequently.


12 thoughts on “If you’re dieting, why are you eating that?

  1. Oh yeah, I hate other people deciding what you can and can’t eat when you’re dieting! I think it’s on firm ground to eat less sweet treats, but it can be very difficult!

    • Except I am not dieting. People have presumed because I am trying to eat healthily that I am “dieting”. And I am not cutting totally my consumption of junk snacks. Just limiting. People seem more accepting of diets for a limited time than changing eating long term.

    • I didn’t. They made that assumption – incorrectly. I did tell them I was eating more healthily. Even if I didn’t tell them that, they would have seen the big difference in what I was eating for snacks. But it is funny how people seem to have an all or nothing view of dieting. Making a few changes for the long term seems harder for people to comprehend.

  2. I have an idea of how much food I can eat in a day nowadays without adding poundage, and I just juggle how much I eat and when. This morning I went to morning tea with a friend who had made lemon drizzle cake especially for me. So I ate delicious cake, and then skipped lunch. I’ll have a healthy afternoon tea to compensate. But I know the years of not watching what I eat have gone, and I will have to think about what I can eat for the rest of my life. Not diet, just change the way I think about food.. and enjoy treats, as you say, in 1970s moderation.

    • Lemon drizzle cake!! Yum.

      I used to be able to just monitor total calorie count in the manner you are doing. Unfortunately I reached an age when even that wasn’t enough. Fats, sugar and white flour things seem to settle straight to me waist.

  3. Sorry to hear about the “Diet Nazis” – especially when you are not even “dieting”!!!
    Your approach is the only way to go. Deprivation only leads to longing for more of what you “can’t have” and probable bingeing when the “diet” ends.
    It’s good to hear that you are getting results and still enjoying life with your own regime!

  4. Rolled eyes over some snacks? Very rude! I’m with you – exercise, eat healthy and don’t become obsessive about it. I love that idea of 1970s moderation. Spot on. I think I’ll tell people I’m on a 70s diet if they ask (i.e. back in the days of rarely-found MacDonalds + all other fast foods, limited packaged junk in shops etc.)

    • Yes, I think we had the occasional fish and chips or hamburger. Pizza Hut was a sit-in restaurant. And I think a late 70s thing. But no snacks in packets, no dip and no gutsing cheese.

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