Ending the Great Wardrobe Diet


“So what are you going to buy?”

Not much, as it goes.

OK, there nothing I truly need-need. But I need some tops. Problem is I can’t find ones I want. Something bright, that suits my size, that has short sleeves. And casual tops for in between weather.

Fabric is important. I am fussy with feel. I’d prefer something made ethically. Preferably in Australia or another country with labour and environmental protection laws.

And I’d like a couple of dresses. From the bombshell site. Exey so I will wait until another sale.

Mmmm, shoes? No. Well maybe some silver sandals and silver mid-heel shoes.

A kaftan for around the pool.

That’s about it. So no, can’t see myself running out for the sales. I’ll probably have a look but won’t buy for buying (or bargain) sake.

A year without buying has made me more discerning. Do I want clutter? Do I want an overstuffed wardrobe again? Do I need another dress when I have some waiting at home? Dresses that I need to wear a bit more before they no longer suit my age.

Nah. Walk on by.



8 thoughts on “Ending the Great Wardrobe Diet

  1. I’d like a pool/beach dress, and I saw someone wearing one. I asked where she got it, Country Road. Have not been bothered to visit it, even whilst Christmas shopping.

    I have a net gain on tops, so I sat down with the list of things yesterday and considered what I’d declutter if I ‘had’ to. I bet some of these maybe items head out the door in the nearer future. Best of luck with finding things that tick all your boxes, sizing, shape, colour, ethics – it’s not easy!

  2. I never seem to get my clothes shopping timing right – either I buy too soon and wish I had waited (for better prices, better selection, etc.) or I wait until the end of the season and can’t get what I want!

  3. Wow, well done you! What big changes in your life this year, and you just completed an enormous challenge (more of a challenge for you than me, obviously!) And still, every time I see photos of your clothes (or get parcels of them in the mail:)), you appear to be so stylish, even without shopping. Like you, I want lovely clothes that I know were made well by properly paid workers, and which will last for years. Less fashion, more style. And when you do find the perfect item after lots of window shopping, it is like a happy little mini-Christmas, so much more joyous than a weekly shopping habit.

  4. That’s fabulous! I think I would be itching to buy clothing if I went that long without. I’ve been looking into more clothing made in the US as well – it’s definitely more expensive than something I could buy at Target, but hopefully it’ll be more durable.

    • Thanks Amanda. You know, sometimes clothes made locally, or in countries with labour and environmental laws, are not better made or longer lasting. But mostly they are. I won’t go to K-Mart (our version of Walmart). Cheap, poorly made crap which last a couple of washes. Might be OK for young things that prefer disposable clothes and a new thing every week, but I don’t want that nor do I want to aid the destruction of the environment and add to landfill.

      That said, there are some really well-made clothes coming out of China. Some of mine originating from there have lasted for years.

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