2013, the year to get lean

At the start of this year I aimed to get lean: getting leaner in body, getting the house leaner, getting stress leaner, getting my budget leaner. It was this goal that prompted the year of buying no clothes.

The year has gone by so quickly. Can’t believe that it is time to reflect already.

Body: leaner than the middle of the year. Is it leaner than January? Not sure. I was 65.5 kilos then but I stronger now, so I may be leaner now as muscles weigh more than fat. In the middle of the year, following the eight weeks of incapacity due to back pain, I was just over 70 kilos. Either way I feel leaner now. And others obviously think I am too. Mr Sans is very happy with the return of my waist.

House: things have been going out and fewer things coming in. You all know about my success with not buying clothes and decluttering my wardrobe. I have previously written about the room you cannot enter. While it is not totally emptied and I have dreams to decorate it, the junk room has returned to a study. It is usable. You can walk into the room. I am not embarrassed if people go in there. Kitchen drawers and laundry cupboards are sparser and leaner. Lots of paper has left the house. There is still more to be done – at least another two years of slow and steady decluttering. Books are piling up again! But on the whole, my house is leaner too.

Stress: epic fail here. Though regular walking and massages, book club, menu planning have helped, there is still a long way to go.

Budget: weeelll…I haven’t done my taxes. But on the up side, I paid off a heap from my mortgage. Just over $38,000 off the principal. Hear that? pretty amazing. And all the money I saved from not buying clothes, meant I could pay off lots (over $38,000 if you missed it the first time) from the mortgage and take holidays. All our bills are up to date, we have no debt beyond the mortgage, and I know roughly how much we spend and when to keep our household running.

Yeah, I’m pretty happy with the year of lean. Makes me feel lighter just thinking of all the weight that’s left this house!!!

15 thoughts on “2013, the year to get lean

  1. OH yes I too want to be leaner – certainly in the body! I’m really hoping all my walks will start to show somewhere, I do feel my legs are ‘firmer’ and less jiggly!

    That’s a whopping payment on PRINCIPAL! I pay a lot of interest in these early years, so I’m envious, but my time will come. It’s amazing what your shopping diet facilitated!

    I must get to posting my 2014 goals – it’s long winded, and details. Naturally. Perhaps I need to make it the year of brevity?

    • Yes, I don’t want to think about the interest I paid. Makes you ill, doesn’t it, thinking of the amount we pay banks to use their money? My interest is down to about $2600 a month. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

      Year of brevity! Mmmm, I think some of my colleagues and my family would like me to take on that idea when telling my stories.

  2. You’ve had amazing accomplishments! Did you say $38,000? It’s wonderful that you have no debt, less spending, less clutter. When people say they’ve had a “lean year,” they usually mean it in a bad way. I love how you’ve reclaimed the word! (PS – had a look at your “junk room” post – had to laugh, especially about keeping the broken and unusable stuff – I think we can all relate to that!)

  3. A very successful year in review Lucinda and the $38,000 is mighty impressive!
    The “lean” mindset appears to have become a lifestyle now so next year is looking good too šŸ™‚
    I’m very happily shopping my closet too and have donated a few more items that were rarely worn. I’ve tried to salve my conscience for all the money I’ve essentially wasted in the past by donating the clothing – now I can start thinking of all the money I’m saving.

  4. $38,000 – WOW! Congrats! šŸ™‚ No matter how much stuff I get rid of, I always find more things on my next round of decluttering, so I like the sound of your 2 year slow and steady plan.

  5. $38K off principle?!?!? I am tap-dancing for you, that’s amazing!!

    I love that you’ve said “2 years” of slow and steady decluttering. We’re pretty lean now in physical possessions but it seriously does take that long to pare things down.

    • It might actually take us longer. I could get rid of my stuff more easily but the shared stuff and Mr Sans’ gear, well let’s just say he may be sans by name but he isn’t sans by nature. He hates throwing things away.

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