The Year of the Garden

So, I’ve listened, reflected, decided.

2014 will be the Year of the Garden.

There will be minor goals throughout the year. And I will continue my journey to healthy and organised living and gorgeousness by exercising, decluttering, eating well, sleeping, maybe definitely even doing my tax.

But my main goal will be getting the garden to look gorgeous.

This goal is scarier than not shopping! See, not doing something is easy. But getting off my backside, fitting something into my day/week, and doing it repeatedly…. Gardens need consistency. A gardening binge then nothing for months and months just doesn’t cut it. Poor plants. They want some regular loving.

Unless you are this:

Or this:

These are happy that I am doing nothing. Thriving, they are. Turning into mega-flora, even.

How will I get this under control?

I will set little tasks every weekend and once during the working week for my sons and me.

When I have got it to a level that it is not embarrassing I will hire a landscaper. Much like tidying up before a cleaner comes!

I will also get a gardener to do regular maintenance.

It’s a big task – my block is a traditional quarter acre. But not being one for self-flagellation, I am focussing on two areas – around the pool and the front yard.

It will make such a difference to my emotional well-being and lifestyle.

I am so excited! But nervous. There’s much to be done.

Stay tuned for photos. Real ones! Of my garden of good and evil. Not stolen borrowed photos from the net.


10 thoughts on “The Year of the Garden

  1. Oh, goody, here is a plan I can get excited about! I love other people’s gardens. I love my garden, but have neglected it shamefully over the last couple of months. Luckily, gardens always recover. We can get stuck into the garden together:)

    • My aim is to please, Jo.

      I think your idea of neglecting shamefully and mine are very different, but if I tackle the garden as one garden bed at a time and focus on the small sections, hopefully I won’t get overwhelmed.

    • Too funny. Lucky I hadn’t started drinking my 8am cup of tea (post vacuuming and cleaning floor and ironing, I might boast) or it would be all over my iPad.

      Did you take a cutting? Fertilise it? Water it? Please don’t change my image by facts if you didn’t do these things. Want some more? I have about half a block of it. And it is a bugger. Drop one leaf when weeding and it grows again. Faster and meaner.

  2. Yes I watered it. Thought it a most luscious ground cover! Now stop drinking your tea and go out and pull some weeds. It’s a perfect day for it after that spot of rain.

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