Boxing Day Sales


I am still on my year of no clothes buying. Officially there are four days left.

The Boxing Day sales are on; great bargains to be had. There are a few items I want to buy – casual shirts, work shirts, pair of dress shoes and a pair of joggers.

So my dilemma! Do it wait four more days or do I go to the sales? Do I tell myself that the money I will potentially save is more important? And that 361 days is good enough and the saved money more important that the four days?


13 thoughts on “Boxing Day Sales

  1. I say if you had these things on a To Buy list, then you should save money by getting them now…if it makes you feel better, put them on a credit card and pay for them in January, LOL! We had some one-day-only sales today but I was working. Most of the sales will be carrying on for a few weeks, though.

  2. I found the boxing day sales pretty lack lustre if that helps discourage you? In a few cases the items I’d been eyeing off presale were the same price in it šŸ˜¦ Made me wonder if I should have bothered, I’m starting to think outlets are good cause they’re year round without the frenzy

  3. If it’s something you need, I say go for it! We went out to run a few errands and ended up getting sucked into a shoe sale. Since my brown flats can only be worn on dry days (the soles have cracked and allow water to soak up through the bottom), I treated myself to a new pair. Now I can wear brown on wet or dry days – woohoo! And I saved $70 over retail price šŸ™‚

    • Having a hole in the sole of your shoe that lets the rain come in is definitely cause to buy new shoes (and sounds kinda like a Beatles song.) My shoes don’t have holes and I have over 30 pairs!

      But I was going to buy a pair of fancy sandals this year. They were on my allowed list, I just ever found a pair I liked. So I might see if there are any I like now.

  4. Ah yes I understand the dilemma! The suggestion from “an exacting life” re credit card purchase sounds like a good compromise and I would add that if you didn’t actually wear the purchases until Jan 1 you could have a clear conscience šŸ™‚
    BTW you looked absolutely smashing and very svelte in your gold dress.

    • Thanks for the nice words, Megan.

      I have decided I will only get sandals this year if I see ones I truly love. Sandals being on my allowed list.

      A friend sent me a text and said, “Don’t do it. Stay strong.” So I will.

  5. SO impressed at more evidence of your inner strength:) I really should go and get some more sheets so the children can go to bed still if their sheets don’t dry. I figure they’ll still be on sale next week, when I’ve finished in the garden..

  6. Arrgh! I somehow didn’t see this post in my feed reader till today. It sounds like you decided “not to shop” which would be hard! I think I would break the shopping fast only if I found items really well marked down and in a perfect size!

    • Yep, didn’t shop. Really, there are no clothes I need. I do need a new pair of joggers, but everything else is just a want.

      Now, to decide if I want them enough to spend the money and ruin my increasing space in the wardrobe?

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