So ends the Year to be Lean

Oh yes, we know my Wardrobe Diet and decluttering has resulted in a leaner wardrobe and clothes residing where they should be, ie not under my bed.

And fewer plastic containers fall on our head when we open that particular kitchen cupboard.

But just had to drop in the gloat, I mean brag, I mean share, my waist has hit the healthy measurement according to the Australian Heart Foundation.

Yay me! My waist is now 80cm.

The Australian Heart Foundation says a waist of over 80cm may indicate a risk factor for heart disease. OK, on its own it is not enough data but I have been trying to get below this since I started. Look way back in October 2012.

Started at 87cm. Sat at 83 for months, then just couldn’t shake 81cm. But my 1970s eating plan seems to have done the trick!

So, my advice: cut the unhealthy snacks!

And happy New Year to all.


16 thoughts on “So ends the Year to be Lean

  1. You’ve had an amazing year with hitting goals, in finances and the weight loss! I’m a new reader here but look forward to seeing your progress in 2014!

    ps. I had no idea about that magic 80cm figure…hmmm! something to aim for in 2014!

    • Ah Fiona, thanks. But know it is not all achievement here in the Sans’ house. My sleep is all over the place, and I haven’t done my tax. Both things I will need to work on.

      • That’s kind of funny…I am trying to get my husband to do his tax today, and my insomnia is kicking in something fierce with a change of school ahead!

  2. Great news about the waist measurement Lucinda! Your clothes must be looking even more fab on your now slender frame anyway so you don’t really need to shop for new things after all.
    Have a very Happy New Year and I look forward to hearing about your successes in the garden as the year unfolds.

  3. Ah, the 1970s, good for so many things. It’s the ponchos and brown corduroy trousers that haunt me the most. But excellent news on the shrinking waist:)

  4. Oh my I am jealous – I thought that measurement was codwallop and here you are achieving it! In additional to my hopes of dropping 8kg, I’ll also aim for a leaner waist, cause to be honest, that’s where I’d most like to lose the weight. (cough cough, a sneaky office measure, and I came in at 100cm – that’s 1 METRE). Lucky I only have fruit as snacks today then!

    • Sarah, I carried/carry my fat on my waist too. Especially the upper abdomen. Started feeling really bloated and uncomfortable earlier this year. Feeling better now. So really had to do something. Fat there being extra unhealthy, adding to my increasing cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

      Sorry to make the cods wallop real. I think some people carry weight well. I don’t. Just look flabby and bloated.

      • The thing that most deeply depresses me, a fellow waist-weight-retainer, is that I am down to 56kg, and still, the last of that weight is stubbornly stuck around my belly. I know it will be the last to go. Why can’t it be distributed nicely around my stick thin ankles or non-existent calves instead?

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