New Year’s Resolution: Be a better, more gorgeous, healthier, organised, wealthier, thinner person

Oh yes, and happier, kinder, less whingy, more erudite, calmer person.

Basically I want to make everyone who comes in contact with me say, “Fuck, she’s got her shit together.” Or at the very least, “She’s bloody gorgeous.”

My goals are:

  • Continue to get fit with regular walking, weights and Pilates. OK, December was a bit of a loss with the weights thang but will start again. Tomorrow, maybe?
  • Continue to limit sugary, fatty foods.
  • Continue working on protecting my back with a monthly massage and doing daily stretches. Dang! Haven’t been doing those either and my hip is giving me gyp.
  • Haphazardly and randomly decluttering things.
  • Read down my house.
  • Do my garden.
  • Sleep well. I have worked on this with great focus and improved. For a bit. But easily slipped into bad habits again. Now I am back to being a night owl with insomnia. I am not Margaret Thatcher (heaven forbid) and can’t get by on a few hours a night. So sleep is the thing. Possibly linked to watching less crap on the tele. Why do I think, “Oh, I’ll just watch this informercial again”? Turn the bloody thing off.
  • Get my tax done. I am not setting any other goals until I achieve this. OK, except for all of these here.
  • Get my mortgage down to under half a mil. That’s a reduction of just over $40,000 off the principal.
  • Cleanse my face every night.
  • Remind myself of the Four Agreements.
  • Buy a robotic vacuum cleaner. (I wish I wasn’t a woman of conscience ’cause the thought of a live-in maid of dubious visa credentials is so tempting. I’d give her weekends off and treat her well. A western capitalist pig with a conscience.)
  • Drink less.
  • Have sandal-worthy feet.
  • Go to Bali. Not the bogan, trashy area. A lovely, non-touristy, but-designed-for-tourists-who-don’t-do-crowds area. Sister, are you reading this?
  • Have more picnics.
  • Beat my husband and sons at Miss Fisher Cluedo. Or at least play board games more often than once a year.
  • Make use of my pool.
  • Yep, think that about covers it. No. One more.

  • Eat more fish. Well, try to. Maybe.
  • 20140103-075242.jpg


    12 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution: Be a better, more gorgeous, healthier, organised, wealthier, thinner person

    1. I feel tired just looking at your list. I might need to go and have a lie down. But I just know that you will do all of these things brilliantly. Look how far you have come already. I am tempted to make a similar list, but it is all a bit overwhelming..

    2. “Basically I want to make everyone who comes in contact with me say, ‘Fuck, she’s got her shit together.'” Agreed! haha

      And I love your hilarious resolution picture – I saw it on another blog today too and plan to use it on my post tomorrow 🙂

    3. Totally realistic list, very admirable indeed. I reckon you’ll probably get a good ‘half of them done at least – I found reviewing my goals list monthly helped get me remembering what I’d forgotten in the last month :p

    4. Well Lucinda you nailed the objectives in the title this past year, didn’t you? The rest should be easy – except maybe the last one if you don’t really like fish 🙂

    5. That is such an awesome New Year’s post!! Absolutely cracked me up. I desperately want sandal-worthy feet, too. I think the importance of this is overlooked by people who have ‘easy’ feet!

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