Stuff is entering my house!

The last couple of weeks has seen more things enter my house than have left it. Definitely not frugal and definitely not environmentally sound.

Oh, OK. I have bought things. But the inactive voice abrogates my responsibility.

I promise I am not going wild.

Let’s start with Christmas. After all, I cannot be held responsible for the gifts I am given, can I?

Christmas gifts 2013

Christmas gifts 2013

So what do we have here? A set of Natio products (Australian made, not tested on animals and free of animal products), 2 pairs of Lorna Jane walking pants, 2 Jamie Oliver DVDs, Miss Fisher (readers will know I love that show) version of Cluedo (quite fun and part of my year’s goal to beat my family. My eldest always wins at Cluedo. He is too clever by half, drat him!) and Balenciaga Florabotanica perfume (my new summer favourite). What a haul! From my sons and husband.

But wait, there’s more!

Bath rest

Bath rest

My darling husband knows I have covetted one of these since I saw it in a catalogue. My one weakness is luxuriating in bubble baths with a book or ipad or both. And sometimes a glass of bubbles. This will hold all.

Not so lovely but acknowledging my age is this from my husband:


Drat! I need glasses for reading. But only when the font is very small or it is dark or I am tired. Still, I have always wanted a pair of glasses to look over the top of when wanting to discombobulate people. “I will give you a moment to rephrase that question?” These glasses will add to that look. Pity the first person that asks me a difficult question at work!

Any more?

Of course.

Tea for one!
Tea for one!

This lovely pot came from a sweet colleague. It’s my new favourite for my weekend breakfast.

And now the confessions come. On Christmas Day I had a few to drink. And my sister-in-law had a vintage hand bag. Well, I don’t know if it is classed as vintage but definitely over 30 or 40 years old. A Glomesh bag. When they were made in Australia. Bought on eBay. I loved it so went on line and stupidly bid on one. Then saw another I liked more so bid on that too. And “won” both. (Lesson learnt. Do not buy when you are under the influcence. All restraint goes out the window.)

Glomesh bags

Glomesh bags

I still love the white one with the imitation Bakelite clasp. And the other one? Meh!

I went shopping two days in a row at two different shopping centres. And bought these:

So ends the Great Wardrobe Diet!

So ends the Great Wardrobe Diet!

A black singlet top, three tops for work, a casual skirt and a casual dress. Yes, I don’t need another dress, but it is lovely and so unlike anything I have. How did I go on the buying in Australia or other countries with sound laws. Sorry, not too good. I forgot about this in the excitement of shopping again, until looking at one designer and seeing all the clothes were made in Australia. Oh yes, I thought, I was planning on looking for this in my clothes. So anyway, bought two tops on special – the pink and orange ones from this range. Perri Cutton. Rest of the clothes were made in China.

And three pairs of shoes – casual, party and work. I wasn’t going to buy work shoes but when I see a pair with a reasonable heel in a style I like, I just have to get it. All made in China!

Work shoes

Work shoes

Party shoes

Party shoes

Casual comfy shoes

Casual comfy shoes

And for my goal of sandal-worthy feet, one of these:

New toy

New toy

And as I got the DVDs, I just had to buy the book, another for my collection of 5 other Jamie Oliver cookbooks.15 min mealOf course then you end up with all the packaging:



And jsut before Christmas, Mr Sans bought a new fan as one of our very old ones died. Kind of a necessity when you live with a hot summer.

New fan

New fan

I need to stay away from the shops for a while! Think I will watch a Poirot or read a book by the pool.

(BTW, this post has taken me forever to compose. I bought a card for my camera. One of my goals last year was to buy a card, use the camera and learn how to resize photos. I have a long way to go on the last bit. Writing and inserting photos from the iPad, even with the bodgy quality of photos, is much easier. The photos better be worth the effort. If only I knew how to decrease the size! Next time maybe. Please let me know if the photos are OK or too small!)

9 thoughts on “Stuff is entering my house!

  1. The photo sizes are fine (though I do have a big screen.) Ahhh…I am vicariously thrilling to all these purchases/gifts! I hope you are enjoying them all. You have so much earned the clothes and shoes after the Great Wardrobe Diet of 2013 (love the party shoes!!) And yes I have a hundred “ethical clothing” websites saved and I admit I was in such a frenzy at the Boxing Day Sales that I didn’t pause to even think where / how the clothes were made. Turned out they mostly were “ok” but just by luck.

    I have also bid on two of the same item at once on Ebay (in case I missed out) and then won both of them at the same time. It hurts – sympathy!

    Having some luck here in the Sandal Worthy Feet department with cheap but oh-so-good Body Shop foot implements!

    • Frenzy of the sales. That’s a good phrase. Made me forget what I planned to do!

      I have one sandal-worthy foot! The other is horrendous. Can’t fathom why! And yes, people with sandal-worthy feet do not understand how difficult it is for us sensitive soles! (Lol)

  2. I have just put Season 1 of Miss Fisher on hold at the library. 93 people waiting for 5 copies so I will need to be patient! Do you make anything from the Jamie Oliver cookbooks? It must have been great fun to go for clothes and shoes shopping again! I don’t think you’ll regret the Glomesh bags – they are glamorous!

    • Wow! 93 people want to see Miss Fisher. Bit of a wait but you can continue to read down your house!

      Yes, I do cook from Jamie Oliver regularly. His book, Save with Jamie, gave me a new idea to use up left-over roast lamb. We have roast lamb quite a lot and Mr Sans would make a casserole. Jamie’s recipe is like a Thai salad with noodles. Kids and I much prefer it.

      Love his way with peas and mint, and cook my version of his 30min chicken pie a lot. And his beef and Guinness is yummo. It is from him that I learnt to make great gravy.

  3. I think the photos are fine size-wise. It’s nice to see to what you’re talking about. 🙂 Your fan looks cool and a little futuristic. We have one of the old boxy ones that fits on the window sill so we can try to bring in the cool night air.

    • It is a funny, hi-tech fan. Looks like a Dyson vacuum cleaner from the side. It sucks the air from below and has a little pressure so the air feels cooler. I like the Dyson bladeless fans but not at the price they come at.

  4. The photos are smallish in this post, but seemed larger when I read it in the email, just FYI. And when I click the clothes photo is doesn’t get bigger, so my sticky beak was limited.

    Ethical clothes are so hard to stick to, as we’ve all experienced. More so shoes or a price less than multiple hundreds.

    I reckon get rid of the surplus glomesh bag via EBay, seeing you’re meh about it.

    I can’t believe hubby bought you glasses – game man. But you do say he’s otherwise very well trained and polite.

    AS to the packaging, some of those bags look like good lunch carriers/return to friend bags, so they can get a second life. I’m the weirdo who (like my mother) says no bag and stuffs said purchase in my oversized handbag. So chic.

    Love the bath rest – very useful, well… in less you’re showering in the same place, but I think not.

    • Separate shower. The bath is an old claw foot one.

      I looked at some lovely shoes from Italy. And yes, you guess the price, even on sale. Multiple hundreds.

      I am often a weirdo too and say no to bags. Usually bring my own to reuse. But this time I accepted the bags. Some of them are the reusable kind. And we were all out of plastic bags which come in useful when travelling to put wet or dirty clothes in. So had to take them. Rest easy, very very rarely put packaging straight in the bin. Everything is repurposed in the Sans household.

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