Another holiday?

Not another holiday?

Yes, I’m off.

Oh sorry. About to break into song.

Leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when…

Opps. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

Yes, (tongue firmly in cheek) the only reason I’m a teacher is for the holidays. Jealous? Then change careers.

Where am I going, you ask?


Strange that it is so close but Australians know so little about this place. Up there with South Australia. No, stand corrected. No one goes to SA, and fewer know anything about SA history. Except the Barossa Valley. South Australians must be so happy the Germans settled there years ago. But I digress.

Anyway, I may be silent for a while. Do they have Internet in NZ? Don’t know that hobbits have much call for it!

Am I the only person visiting NZ who doesn’t want to go on a jet ski or Bungy jumping or tramping? Anything else to do? I’ll let you know soon.


13 thoughts on “Another holiday?

  1. oohhhh, I look forward to hearing about your holidaying in NZ!! I am currently saving for my holiday for 2015….(hey its not that far away….ok maybe 19 months away…..but it will be worth it… will :D) – NZ is on the list again (was meant to go there for my 40th but we ended up buying our new home and painting some rooms instead…..what was wrong with me!!) Anyway I have started the new holiday savings account and have already got my 4 months leave approved for August – November 2015 and soon the planning will begin….ok maybe at the start of next year….where I will go I don’t know, like I said NZ is back on the list but not the bungy jumping or the jet skiing etc either.

  2. Love the comment about teachers + holidays…nice to see it firmly flipped from the usual media comments! You’re giving me heart that I haven’t done the wrong thing in going back to the chalkface.

    Have a wonderful time!!!!!

    PS. all I know about SA is from that ad with the Nick Cave song.Creepy yet cool!

    • No, you haven’t made the wrong decision – chalk face is great, holidays even better. Just heard a great line from a teacher – “part time in the real world”.

      And re SA: I challenge anyone from NSW, Vic or Qld to say when SA was settled and why. Nup, can’t remember the first one myself. If it doesn’t have convicts, it doesn’t make it into the history textbooks, it would seem.

  3. Im with you bungy for me either .South Aust..settled 1836?? thats what the Adelaide basketball team is called. Adelaide Villa is a great blog from SA .

    • Yes, I have made several visits to the Adelaide Villa blog – lovely clothes and home design! She buys clothes that are out of my price range, though.

      Naming the team after year of settlement sounds a good way to remind people. (But also strikes me as a bit cultural cringe/try hard, like they are trying too hard to remind other Australians of SA history.)

  4. You do most certainly live a hard life! :p TO be honest, I have leave just growing, and a partner who sadly seems to not grow at the same rate (puzzling given we get the same amount of leave, and i went to Europe for 3 weeks without him!?)

  5. Have just returned from two weeks in the South Island – we didn’t go jet boating or bungy jumping either – we just enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Loved it and are planning our next trip. Enjoy you holiday 🙂

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