My favourite work dresses

I love a pretty frock.

And I find dresses so handy for work – feminine, easy to wear, easy to dress in the morning as there is no need to pick pieces that go together, flattering on me.

And here are my current favourites.

Wrap dresses hide a multitude of sins. You can loosen them when you gain a few kilos; tighten them when you lose those kilos. I wear tight sleeveless tops underneath to cover the cleavage that wrap dresses reveal as I find them more flattering than camis. Also I hate how camis hang and how they look like underwear. I never show my underwear. Well, I try. Underwear is for under, don’t you know.

And I love a pattern.

Blue wrap dress:


Black and white wrap dress:


Another pattern wrap dress:


Now another look:

Stretchy patterned dress:


A bright pattered dress, worn here with a jacket.


Homage to the TV show, Dallas:

20140131-070930.jpg All padded shoulders (although my iPad is hiding the shoulders so trust me on this), matchy-matchy and geometric design. Take the matchy-matchy jacket off, and it looks like this:

20140131-071116.jpg Much better for our hot summer working days.

Some dresses without much pattern. White dress:


Blue dress:


Seven dresses that are on my current high rotation list. I have others. (Have I told you that I have 38 dresses, which is down from 42 when I started my Great Wardrobe Diet and Declutter at the start of 2013?)

Today’s decluttered item = a dress. I am still decluttering, on average, one thing a day. Giving a critical eye to all my dresses for the blog. Mr Sans bought this one for me. It was the first time he ever bought me clothing without me knowing or picking the item. And it was a big win. The material of this dress is now wearing in the way jersey does. And it shows the bulges in a way that is not flattering. So that mean I only have 37 dresses. (Makes up for the recently purchased dress! Lol)



17 thoughts on “My favourite work dresses

  1. Oh my Lucinda – I still love you but I hate the WordPress business for forgetting my ‘instantaneous’ emails of your new posts. Naughty! I love seeing into your wardrobe, and seeing some dresses on. You are one swanky lady m’dear!

    • Swanky is such a great word. Don’t know that people who know me would call me. Swanky. Storming, stomping. Yes. But I want to be swanky, damn it! I claim swankiness! And I join you in grr-ing at WordPress logging out, but at least it beats blogger.

  2. No waist on this lady means a dislike of dresses until the shift comes back into fashion. They also cover some of the rolly polly bits I like to / need to hide 🙂
    Yours look good on you!

  3. I *love* a good frock and yours are gorgeous. Specially love the patterned stretchy dress. I’m down to only 2 dresses at the moment, mainly due to ‘transitional’ issues. I had all my mid-twenties to mid-thirties dresses for a decade. I’m now building a 40+ collection. Lots of inspiration here!

    • So for my 40s, I go for stretchy but not too tight (turns out oxygen is important), suggesting I have breasts but no cleavage (saggy, Aussie sun-affected skin is not cool), knee-length (too short looks like mutton; maxi only looks hip on young whippersnappers, on the rest we look like we stepped out of Little House, or forgot the 60s have passed even though we were babies in the 60s).

      And 2 dresses!?! I faint at the restraint.

  4. Love your dresses and how you look in them! I find that dresses in Summer are the coolest option so own several wraps and shifts.
    Glad you enjoyed N.Z – we have holidayed there a couple of times and find it very relaxing.

    • Thanks, Megan. Problem with wrap dresses is most of them are made of synthetic fabric which isn’t very cool. And dresses, unlike skirts, I find have to be washed after every wear, which does age the fabric more quickly.

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