Archive | February 1, 2014

Fewer things = less rummaging

I’ve wasted so much time looking for things.

Looking for things among mess, among piles of stuff, among stacks of paper.

Looking for things which were put where they shouldn’t be. (Because of disorganisation; because there were too many things and no more room where the items should live; because of laziness.)

Rummaging among clothes to find the one item wanted.

Flicking through piles of paper to find the very important but misplaced piece of paper mixed in with “why have we kept this” pieces of paper.

Pulling out plastic containers which seem to breed to find the right lid that goes with the right bowel.

And I’m not alone in my house.

“Mum, where did you put X?” Nowhere, I never touched it.

“Mum, have you seen X?” No.

“Wife, have you seen X?”

“I’m sure I put X down here somewhere.”

It’s not a case of better organisation. First there has to be less stuff, fewer things.

Fewer things = less rummaging = less wasted time.

So today’s decluttered items = even more junk from the bottom of my wardrobe. Old belts, a couple of shoe boxes that were unsuccessfully hiding the stuff and a pair of thongs.