The Lemonheads were right


OK, I didn’t actually lie about being an outdoors type.

No one would confuse me with someone who could trek across mountains and streams, light a fire with flints, and sleep in a swag. All the while enjoying it and not actually whinging and moaning. But at the start of our relationship I did go camping with Mr Sans at places without showers, where we had to bring all our own food and water and where, heaven forbid, there were only pit toilets.

The Lemonheads hit the nail when they said, “What if something’s on TV and never on again?”

OK, I could watch it on iView. Or illegally download it.

But I’m old-school. There’s something that adds to the frisson of interest knowing it is on free to air TV for the first time and watching it “live”.

So imagine my excitement (oh, the joy of the simply impressed, easily pleased) to hear that new Doc Martin AND new Poirot were on back to back.

What a Saturday night of joy and fun for all!

Oh, what a live wire I am!

And if I could live anywhere it would be here, where the sun is always shining (except for some reason on last night’s episode) but it is not hot. And people are always ducking off to London.



7 thoughts on “The Lemonheads were right

  1. There are some parts of camping that I really enjoy, but the creature comforts of being at home are even better 😉 I’m in my nice warm bed early to catch up on a few blogs and then read my library book!

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