Decluttering while still good

I’d rather have a wardrobe of just a few outfits—outfits I enjoy wearing, clothes I feel confident in, a wardrobe that brings me joy—than a mediocre collection of once-loved threads or things I don’t love but are still OK.

Dar from an exacting life posted a comment a little while ago on one of my posts that is the flip side of letting clothes go before they become a sad and sorry collection.

Dar wrote, “I got over my tendency to hoard clothes when I had a baby and the nurses told me that some of the women in the hospital having babies did not even have an outfit to bring their baby home in. Since then I have tried to donate clothing sooner rather than later, when it is still clean, not musty or yellowed, and somewhat in fashion!”

So I am letting this go:

Off to the charity shop. I hope it makes someone happy. It is nice and of good quality. I am letting it go because it doesn’t bring me joy, it has never really suited me. I want it to go before it is musty and sad and unloveable.


3 thoughts on “Decluttering while still good

  1. I think you soon know if you have made a mistake after wearing something for the first time. If it does not feel right you tend not to wear it. So I agree with Dar get it to the charity shop as soon as you can and make someone else happy.

  2. That is such a sad situation that people can be struggling so much and with a new baby to boot. That’s a lovely way to look at it and a great way to ‘let go’ of things.

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