Archive | February 20, 2014

So you’re searching for information?

Well, you’ve probably come to the wrong place. (Even though I was a librarian in a past life.)

Some of the search terms that bring people to me are pretty ordinary. They makes sense, if they are somewhat prosaic:

  • money goals
  • stay calm and don’t shop
  • oprah affordable fashion clothing
  • how different surfaces affect walking
  • breaking the shopping habit
  • lift some weights
  • Others are clearly the work of spammers trying to find somewhere to post a comment and thus have clicks to their site:

  • leave a comments on “exercise equipment ” wordpress blog
  • But some really make me laugh! What was the thinking going on that made a person type them? What were they looking for? And were they disappointed when they got to my site? And why did the search engine bring them to me?

    Take this one:

  • my shoes are in a basket in wardrobe font feel organised
  • Quite specific: “shoes in a basket in wardrobe”. And I just love the typo of “font” for “don’t”, given my name comes from a misspelling of a font.

    And this one:

  • public feet – lucinda @ feet
  • Did they meet a lucinda at a feet fair? And what’s a feet fair? Do you have public and private feet? Just don’t get this one!

    What to make of this one:

  • lucina boat family
  • I’m not lucina. And I’ve never written about boat families. What is a lucina boat family?

    So who is Lucinda Denver or is there a Lucinda at Denver who is trying to eat mindfully:

  • mindful eating lucinda denver
  • I’m easily amused I know, but it often provides me with a smile when I see what people have used. Bother Google blocking us know what people use to search that leads them to our blogs.

    What funny terms have brought people to your blog and what do you think they found what they were looking for?