My favourite casual summer dresses

When it is hot, I prefer to wear a dress. No waist bands to restrict or to foster sweat. Loose, hanging dresses are so much cooler. I pity males who have to wear shorts and tops. They are just not as cool as dresses.

And I love a pretty frock. I showed you my current work dresses.

Here are my favourite summer dresses.

An oldie but a goodie. This has lost its stretch which is just as well as so have I. It is Mr Sans’ favourite.


A new favourite. A polo shirt dress. Comfy, flattering, nice colour. Bit long too be really cool but around the house I tuck it up (in my undies. Yeah, I’m all class.)


This isn’t cool, so it isn’t actually a favourite, but it is on my summer rotation list. The fabric must be mostly plastic. Quite a sweaty thing. But it is OK for over swimmers when sitting on our back verandah or a visit to the stupidmarket.


One for going out. It is my Edwardian look. It comes with a little pink slip. When I get home, I am know to remove the outer sheath and just sit in the slip. (Again, my all-class behaviour coming out.)


This one was a hand-me-down from my cousin. Lovely raspberry colour. It has even surfaced as a work dress on hot days.


And this is a new one. Bought after my Year of No Clothes Shopping, in the post-Christmas sales. The colour is not so clear in the photo. It is actually more orange. The hem is one of those longer at the back type hems, but not suddenly long at the back, more like a gradual bob.


That brings the total of my dresses I’ve shown to 14. Half way through them. Well, nearly half way.

Now lest you think I have had manic shopping trips, these dresses have accumulated over the last 15 years.

Things are still leaving my wardrobe. Remember I am decluttering one item a day from my house. Here’s the latest item to leave: an old jacket. The cut is not only outdated but unflattering to me. Was a cheapie – $20 – bought over 7 years ago.



12 thoughts on “My favourite casual summer dresses

  1. I’m convinced you and my mum would be awesome friends – with your undie tucking dress skills! She’s also a teacher. Anyhow – I just settle for getting around in undies and bras a lot, and then I have house dresses (ie if I bend over, the underwear is VERY apparent!) which in this weather just seem to be there to absorb sweat!! Lucky I have many!

    The polo shirt dress reminds me of a holiday to Asia, when I had one. Very useful piece of clothing!

  2. I am loving the dresses tour. Nothing beats a dress for cool in the hot weather. I wish I could rock a polo shirt dress like that: very nice outfit. I love the colours / pattern and design of Mr San’s favourite dress.

    Despite my decluttering ways, I still have one boxed-up dress that is now coming up for 22 years old (and it was a hand-me-down from a friend when I received it.) I just love the cut and flow of it. If I ever get down to a size to once again fit into it, I think I would actually wear it again.

    • Can you believe Mr Sans’ fav was a K-Mart cotton, Made in Aust, cheapie. Bought over 10 years ago. In its current iteration KMart has nothing nice, and definitely nothing made in Oz.

      Ahhh! The fav dress awaiting the weight loss. I’ve just fitted back into some of mine!

  3. Dresses are great when it’s hot. Maybe I’ll post some of mine this summer. I have a thin cotton nightgown that I wear around the house on those super warm days. I love all that pink! I have one pink dress and it makes me so cheery 🙂 It’s too bad the third dress is made of plastic/sweaty – I really like it!

    • Would love to see your dresses. I enjoy the voyeristic look at the wardrobes of other bloggers.

      It is hardto see but that brown plasticky number has extensive beading around the neck. It’s what attracted me to the dress. Thought it’d be great resort wear.

  4. Lucinda you are looking very svelte in those dresses!
    And yes, I wear dresses on all the hot days as there is nothing cooler. My “house dress” is a short black with white spots cotton T shirt dress that I spotted at Target while I was there a couple of years ago. It wears and washes like a dream – who would have thought?

    • Houses dresses, in fact any summer dress, have to wash like a dream. Just hate it when I find a lovely dress that has to be hand washed or even worse drycleaned. Just won’t work in our summers. Need to wash after every all-day wear.

      And Target stocks some brilliant dresses! I have a friend, who every second dress I compliment her on, says it came from Target.

  5. I have taken to wearing dresses again as the current styles are quite flattering for me and I like the stretchy fabrics around at the moment. I wear mostly stretch skirts for work and stretchy leggings / jeggings etc at home. I have got rid of most of the trousers I wore at work for a few years they seem so restrictive now. your dresses look lovely I like your favourite and the Edwardian one.

    • There can be seasons I don’t buy any dresses because the current fashions don’t suit me. Hence I hang onto the dresses that suit me for years!

      I don’t get that people think jeans are comfortable. Like trousers, I find them too restrictive.

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