It’s the little things

Vivien, over at Where the Journey Takes Me, posted about The Little Things. Those things waiting, waiting, waiting to be dealt with. You know those things waiting to be put back where they belong, or even worse, those little things that don’t have a place and are waiting for you to find a home for them.

Well, I’m not up to finding new homes, or developing systems just yet. My mind can’t face it. And I am still exhausted from a big term at work. I also know that I won’t keep any systems when I get back to work. My system is to use the holidays to play catch up.

So today I am going to focus on one room and put away those little things that make the place look cluttered.

I will start with my bedroom, given I gave it a thorough dusting, polishing and washing of timber work last weekend.

My bedside table:


Husband’s glasses case back to his side; hot pack back in its home so I can find it next time. Job to do today: read both magazines and then declutter.

Ah! That’s better.


The top of my chest of drawers:


Gift of the most beautiful colour of nail polish from a dear friend put away with other nail polish; gift bag put with other gift bag for re-using; card put with other stationery to remind me to purchase similar ethical cards: envelope put in recycling bin; bangle put in jewellery drawer; curtain hook put with others for when I get around to rehooking the curtain; bobby pin put back in bobby pin container in bathroom; single 10 cent coin put in wallet; piece of cardboard from perfume box used as a bookmark for book in bedside table so book is not left open, face down (sorry, reading librarians).

Much neater:


Next to my chest of drawers:


This is a dot painting from Central Australia that has been on my to do list to have stretched for over a year. Today I am off to a framing shop. Stayed tuned for an update.

On the other side of my chest of drawers:


Papers filed or placed in recycling bin; textas put with other craft items I will donating this week; post-it note with address given to husband who was looking for it; blank post-its put where they live. Look! A floor as a floor and not a storage space.


My valet stand (which is full of resting clothes – you know not clean enough to put in the wardrobe, not dirty enough to wash).


This is a doozie! Have I mentioned previously that I have too many clothes? OK, might list what this little valet stand is holding and why the clothes are waiting.

  • Cute little mustardy-green cardie (the colour and style makes it hard to match with other clothes but as it has a worn smell I won’t put it back in the cupboard until worn at least three times);
  • three sequinned or embellished singlet tops that are waiting to be handwashed (I can’t put them in the laundry as they will get thrown in with heavy duty soiled clothes);
  • a small wrap skirt that I wear over my swimmer (OK, have to admit summer is over and I won’t be wearing this again for many, many months);
  • exercise tights that were only worn for an hour’s Pilates – definitely not enough to warrant washing and the resulting fading that will happen;
  • socks that I wore for one 45 min walk and will wear again for another walk;
  • top worn for a few hours before changing into party gear;
  • little light green cardie worn once and you know by now how I feel about clothes worn once;
  • a white jacket that was washed by Mr Sans and didn’t come up well so I am saving until I do a white wash;
  • a pair of pants waiting for be taken up, waiting for over three years I might add;
  • outfit of top, bra, skirt and stocking socks that I wore for a few hours yesterday and will wear again today (it’s 10.40 and I am still in my PJs. Hey! It’s holidays. Don’t judge me.
  • a sleeveless top worn for a few hours the other day.
  • It is normal for me to have so many clothes resting. I change due to weather, work, slothing around, exercise, and may go through three changes a day but I definitely don’t wash after a short wear.

    So what to do? Those pants are definitely going to the sewing pile. The sequinned tops and cardie are being washed by my very gentle Miele washing machine; today’s clothes are ready to be worn after my shower; wrap skirt is in the washing basket; white jacket is soaking in Napisan. So now. Tada!


    And finally, hanging off my bed:

    Swimmers. It will be a long wait until I will take a dip in the pool again. These have lost their elasticity so are going to the bin. Sad, as they match the wrap skirt perfectly but no one wants to see a lady of a certain age with cossies hanging down below what is seemly.

    An hour’s work and a tidier bedroom.

    I deserve a cuppa before my shower!

    12 thoughts on “It’s the little things

    1. You definitely deserve a cuppa! That’s incredibly motivated considering that technically, you’ve only been on holidays for 2 hours! (Mon 10:30?)

      I love the ‘resting’ clothes list. It is so interesting to look at the “what” and “why” to try and work out systems to avoid it. Because it is so much work to stay on top of it all. I’m exactly the same in that my ‘system’ is to wait till school holidays and then play catch-up.

      PS – WOOHOO, holidays!!!!

      • Like your holiday time calculation, Fiona. The weekend shouldn’t count, should it! And my weekend was. Spent organising my boys’ birthday presents and family dinner.

        Never thought I’d be excited about getting my room tidy! Or see that activity as a worthwhile holiday activity. Lol to middle age.

    2. Thank you for using a bookmark 🙂 I hope you’ll show us the dot painting when it’s ready. I have a chair in my bedroom with lightly-worn clothes, too! I hope you have some fun and some relax-time over the holidays.

      • Definitely have some fun planned, Dar. The picture will be ready on Thursday, so ill post a photo after that.

        Would love to go back and buy another dot painting from Alice Springs. I didn’t buy one last visit because I hadn’t put my first one on a frame. Maybe next year if my sister is still there.

    3. Oh it’s so tough you teachers :p

      I wouldn’t understand, I know!!

      I have three 3M hooks on my wall above my ottoman so I am less likely to let clothes linger in untidy piles. Alas the weekend has passed, I liberated my uniform and a once worn bra, and the rest remains. The hooks are mainly for ‘house’ dresses – basically what I wear when I’m not on my way out. If I’ve been out, and it’s not too hot/cold, I’ll possible stay in it, if it’s comfy, but often I’ll be back in the ‘comfy’ dresses. They stink up quickly, but they are only for home, so I wash when it suits the load…

      I swear I did a ‘piles’ sort out of my Friday day off, and here we are at Monday with more (different) lingering piles. I must get on it this arvo, as tomorrow arvo a friend and her daughter are coming to stay – can’t make them think I’m a slob!

      • Those piles of clothes reappear – even after a big seeing to.

        Nothing like trying to appear as someone who has high standards of housekeeping to friends to get one tidying up!!!

    4. Good for you! I have some niggling spaces like this as well that get messy and stay that way because I don’t want to deal with them. I have to admit I thought cossies meant breasts there for a second and had to google it to be sure . . guess that shows where my mind is! haha

    5. I like your little clothes stand – once worn clothes are a bit of a problem aren’t they? I hope you didn’t feel forced into your clear up because of my article – but it does feel good to put everything back in it’s place doesn’t it.

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