Today’s little corner

Today’s “little things tidy up” starts with a riddle: when is a arm rest not an arm rest?

When it is used as a storage space.



What do I have there? And why are they on the lounge arm rest?

Do you get too much paper coming into your home? Things with stuff waiting to be read; things that you might need in the future; slips, receipts waiting to be filed, paid, or otherwise dealt with; stuff you keep because it looks like a good idea for the future; stuff that comes in when you just don’t have time or energy to deal with it so plonk it on top of other piles.

That’s what my arm rest is for! OK, I hate the look but needs must and all. Busy women can’t have it all.

So today’s the day to fix this little corner.

Some out of date junk mail is straight into the recycling bin; receipts and records filed; recipes cut from magazines thrown out (get real, I’m not going to cook them); writing paper, post-its, book, ear-phones put away.

What’s that’s in the corner you ask? One of these:


Quick review of the Truback: save your money. Don’t buy it. Waste of money, uncomfortable and doesn’t do much. Get a Pilates pole for less than half the price and more versatile:


Anyway, my arm rest is an arm rest once more. And able to be enjoyed by the hand-sewn and free-hand embroidered bunny, made by my mother.




5 thoughts on “Today’s little corner

  1. Funny – I have the same couch as that! And yes, the arms are fantastic for drinks, eating AND collecting papers…Bunny is looking very relaxed with all that space to spread out now!

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