Happy Easter

Happy Feaster to you! When eating a glutinous amount of chocolate is kinda OK.

Plenty of Red Tulip – my favourite Easter chocolate, best eaten cold from the fridge.

Ohhh! The whole experience is sensuous. The crack as you take the first bite. The scent from the hollow egg or bunny. The rich chocolate melting in your mouth.


But don’t you fret, now don’t you frown, cause I have some non-chocolate decorations.

A gift from a student in 1999. Cause we’re gunna party like… No?


More bunnies!


And one more for good luck.


Gone are the days of eating chocolate all day and feeling fine. Sadly, or maybe happily, even gone is the desire to eat chocolate all day. Leave that to the whippersnappers.

I am off to make hummus, tabbouleh, sweet chilli chicken and satay chicken for a neighbourly lunch.


8 thoughts on “Happy Easter

    • No, jelly beans just don’t cut it for me. I have some maybe once a year.

      Vegetarian feast photos looked yummy. I loved my vegetarian lasagne and will make it again. It wasn’t so fiddly as I thought it would be. If I slip in more than one vegetarian meal a week, my family whinge.

  1. Oh no we cannot be friend – or perhaps we can be – I cannot stomach that Red Tulip business, 100% Cadbury here. And whilst I like Lindt blocks, the bunnies just weren’t the same to time! I am surprised to see you have Easter decorations too – I have amassed lots of Easter Eggs in the everliving variety – mum’s tradition in recent years is to find something egg shaped – tin, paper mache, felt etc. Last year is was horrid china – I returned it, and I don’t think she minded at all!

    Alas, the egg eating and Cairns trip took me from under 70kg back to 72.4kg! Still better than it was at Xmas, but still room for me to get back under 70!

    • You may be happy to know that Cadbury bought out Red Tulip years ago, and were planning to stop using the Red Tulip recipe. Luckily for me, there was enough complaint and they continued making some. You may be too young to remember, but Cadbury didn’t use to sell Easter eggs in Australia. They are a relatively recent entry into the market. Strangely, I used to only eat Cadbury milk chocolate, except at Easter, when I only ate Red Tulip. I was so sad when they stopped making the tiny eggs for Red Tulip. The smaller the egg and the thinner the chocolate, the more I like them. For years you could only get Cadbury but I sourced some little ones this year.

      You are brave stepping in the scales. I know my weight has gone back up. My bloated and fat belly tells me. Back to the healthy eating. But what to do with all my eggs. (I went and bought loads more when they were half price after Easter!)

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