The end of the end of term break

In every first week of term I am asked, innumerable times, “Did you have a nice break? What did you do? Did you go anywhere?” Just as I have been asked innumerable times prior to a term break, “Going anywhere?”

Why this obsession with going somewhere?

When you answer, “No,” it is as if you have to justify, rationalise yourself. “No, but I’m catching up with friends.” “No, but….”

“Oh, yes, you’ve done a staycation before.”

Even stranger when I say I am going to my mother’s. “Where does she live?”

“Oh, Queensland. That will be nice.”

Well, actually I am going to my mother’s to see my mother, not to Queensland. I won’t be sight-seeing, or going out.

You might think I have given this too much thought, but I have had over a hundred term breaks. That’s a lot of conversations about “What have you done? Did you go anywhere?”

So here’s what I have done for my emotional well-being this term break. And no, I didn’t “go” anywhere.

  • Had drinks to celebrate the end of term. A friend pulled this one out of her fridge.
  • 20140421-093714.jpg

    I am sure the French don’t pronounce it as billy cart salmon. However you say it, it was divine.

  • Had a dinner for over 20 people with some long term friends and family to celebrate my sons’ birthdays. (What? No photos? Sadly, everyone was too busy enjoying themselves to whip out the phone or camera.)
  • Slothed, lazed about, day-dreamed, stared into the distance, snuggled under a blanket, sat in the sun, ruminated, fantasised, had slow breakfasts looking out at my camellias flowering.
  • 20140421-094602.jpg

    And the plants and birds beyond my verandah.


  • Watched movies – both good and bad. (Sharknado, is so awful it’s funny, but if time is precious to you, give it a miss. Do see The Gand Budapest Hotel.)
  • 20140421-095620.jpg

  • Read blogs, magazines, books.
  • Decluttered.
  • Had family over (14 including us) for a curry feast at Feater, I mean Easter.
  • Hosted an Easter Sunday lunch with a neighbouring family for which I whipped up homemade hummus, tabbouleh and sweet chilli chicken.
  • Flew to Queensland and caught up with family. Had lunch out and afternoon tea with female family members. Vegetarians and those avoiding fat and salt, look away.
  • 20140424-223416.jpg

    Actually, that wasn’t too bad. The meat, and it was mainly fish, bugs and prawns, were hidden by the hands, wine glass and chips. And the bug on my plate is upside down, so hard to make out. But this shot of the last plate has little lambies all cut up.


  • Watched the sun set from the top of a mountain in the state that is beautiful one day, perfect the next. The sky was so blue and so wide during the day. The sunset so glorious.
  • 20140424-222536.jpg

  • Walked every second day. Did some exercises and stretches.
  • Had a therapeutic massage.
  • Bought some clothes. Very different pieces, not chain store items. And the MOST BEAUTIFUL dress. See!
  • 20140427-092103.jpg
    This dress has the most gorgeous detail on the neck line. It’s a gold chain wrapped in two ribbons. Beautiful!

    All the clothes were sourced in boutiques in Queensland. I know I won’t run into anyone with the same clothes. And Dar, that dress is actually made in Canada.

  • Had an acupuncturist treatment.
  • Went to the dentist, had a chipped tooth repaired and a routine check and clean.
  • Had my dot painting stretched.
  • 20140424-223208.jpg

  • Ate heaps of hot-cross buns and Easter eggs. Bugger! The waist is expanding again!
  • Finally made the vegetarian lasagne I have been meaning to but put off because I find lasagnes too convoluted. And it was THE BEST.
  • Baked a cake.
  • Hung out with my kids and husband.
  • Had my car serviced and rego done so I don’t have to worry about it when it is due during the early part of term.
  • Yep, had a nice break, did lots of things, and didn’t “go” anywhere.

    16 thoughts on “The end of the end of term break

    1. Sounds wonderful, L! I love the felling of relaxing and getting all sorted out with time off at home. Canadian, eh? I wouldn’t have guessed! What was that “bug” on the plate, a crab? If that is a photo of Sharknado, it looks hilarious!

      • It was half a Morton Bay bug (and a king prawn on top of a piece of snapper). I like bugs better than lobsters. Easier to eat and more flavour.

        The dress was by Joseph Ribkoff. French Canadian designer. I want more of his stuff. So colourful and fits perfectly to a curvy woman, not a stick.

    2. The dress is absolutely beautiful. Love the bold yet classic colours and shapes.

      It sounds like a wonderful break albeit still very busy. But being busy with things that are meaningful to you is different to being busy with obligations and chores. I hope you feel rested enough for a new term. It seems like you had so much shorter a break than we had here in Vic. Next week is our proper full first week back.

    3. Well, for someone who didn’t “go” anywhere you sure did a heck of a lot! Not conversant with the length of school holidays in Oz but I’m guessing 2 weeks so you really packed it in. I understand your irritation with everyone’s expectations of having to GO somewhere all the time. Your school break sounds perfect to me. A good combination of catching up with chores, errands and more importantly, family and friends. Some “you” time, massage, acupuncture, dentist and being in the moment enjoying the sights and sounds of everything around you, good food and wine and a little (very good!) retail shopping. I think that will set you up very nicely until the next break.

      • Thanks, Linda. It was great, almost perfect.

        We have two weeks’ break after terms 1, 2 and 3 and then a 5 week break after term 4. This longer one is our Christmas / summer holiday break.

      • I’ll post it soon. I also made the best ever roast pork tonight. I combined a few recipes and made my own. God, the gravy was divine. Harris Farm had leg of pork for $4.99 a kilo so gave its go. Just hope I can recreate it.

    4. Oh I hated those post holiday conversations, they are a little less OTT in a ‘normal’ work place, cause people lose track of what your on holidays and what you might be doing etc. (as in people take time off to renovate or something).

      When I was at school, I hated being asked how my holidays were, cause I always thoughts they weren’t good enough. Now, I own what I’ve done, and say it with confidence.

      That being said, this holiday I went to both Cairns AND Adelaide, so I can get away with ‘seeing’ those two places. But I do agree, I was in Adelaide to see family of the BF, not sight see!!

        • Nah just drove around the Adelaide HIlls, and the family’s garden – so lovely!!

          You’re right, but my international holidays always seem a little show off-y.

          Alas returning today (Tues) saved all the questions! Genius!!

    5. It sounds like the perfect break! A good combination of things and all activities I’d love to spend more time on ๐Ÿ™‚ So glad you could enjoy the mountain and the sunset. My hubby loves a good sunrise/sunset. It’s one of those things I don’t normally pay attention to so I really love when he points one out – they make me slow down and relax, so pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Can’t wait for your veggie lasagna recipe!

    6. I love a sunset. Especially when they set behind mountains as they do at my mother’s.

      Lasagne recipe will come this weekend. (Made it again last night but forgot to take photos.)

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