But it’s useful!

Do you find it hard decluttering something that might be useful some undefined time in the future?

Do you live with someone who doesn’t like anything being thrown away?

My decluttering efforts often come into conflict with Mr Sans. He likes to bring things into the house. And when he buys something, he generally buys multiples. Just in case.

Just in case of what? Famine? Flood? A run on Butterscotch schnapps in the shops? A world shortage of Dunlop Volleys?

While I’m telling tales out of school, once he bought dozens of polo shirts because he said the company would stop making 100% cotton ones. These shirts were his favourite work top. But then he changed to button down shirts. What happened to the polo shirts, you ask? They got stored for the future. He won’t tell me where because he knows I will donate them to St Vinnies.

The kids laugh when I thrown something out. They know I have to hide items under other things in the bin lest they be rescued by Dad. Even when he has forgotten we own something AND we haven’t used it for years, if I throw it away, he will “rescue” it.

So that brings me to today’s decluttered items.

Mr Sans brought those home from work a year ago. Plastic cups!


We don’t use them. We won’t use them. We serve in glass and wash up. We both hate single use plastic and hate drinking from them.

Why’d he bring them home? They might be useful.

Why’d he keep them? Ditto.

Yes, we might, a very slim might, have a large party one day where plastic cups would be useful. But that might doesn’t outway having these clutter our kitchen cupboards.

So, and please be quiet about this, I took them to work.

We will use them there. Drinks for kids. Staff functions.

I will keep chipping away at home. Did I tell you about the bikes? No, save that for another decluttering story.


14 thoughts on “But it’s useful!

  1. Mr. G isn’t quite that bad (he usually buys 2-3 of shirts he likes and he doesn’t fish items out of the trash) but decluttering takes a lot more justification when he’s around. Decluttering is hard for me in the kitchen. Right now I have 3 pie pans, even though I only need 2. But which one would I get rid of? And shouldn’t I just keep it for when one of the other pie pans needs replacing? Ugh.

    • Keep the three pie tins. You’re young. One may need replacing eventually. Unless you plan on moving, then toss because packing things you don’t use is really, really annoying.

  2. Rom had all his personal stuff shipped here from the UK so it’s “inviolable.” He was good enough to leave behind his VHS tapes and music cassettes, but brought outdated college textbooks! I am hoping once he’s been in Canada for 10 years or so, he might be willing to declutter. But by then everything will probably have been upgraded to “vintage,” LOL!

    • Argh! University text books! Does he look at them? Mr Sans still has his too. I have suggested a couple of times that they should go. So he moved them to under the house where I rarely go. He thinks they will be safer there. I’ll let the damp, dust and bugs to their work. (Or under the house is not closed in, just so you know. Our house is on stumps and the sides open. It allows air to circulate under the house.)

  3. I absolutely refused to fork out for single use cups at the housewarming, and it turned out FINE!

    The BF might think I’m silly, but he knows my ways. I don’t swiftly declutter things under him, but I do always always ask for his stuff, and there’s no hurry. He even won a new gaming system, and he knows as well as I do that he won’t use it. He just needs to get off his tookus to sell it. The ‘old’ one, also dusty and unused since living together, is headed to his work.

    And… I’m so glad I sold textbooks as I went – I needed the coin, and the only time I ‘re-needed’ a text, I knew a lecturer well enough he handed me one of the many he gets for free!

    • Yes, totally agree. Hate single use cups. Don’t know why Mr S brought them home from his old workplace.

      Wish I had the time and motivation (and money worthy stuff) to make some money from selling my unwanted things.

  4. I can relate! Mine doesn’t so much intentionally hoard things but he cannot walk past a new gadget. So many kitchen whatsits (garlic peeler? prawn peeler? egg slicer? pie ventilator?!) I just repeatedly donate them to the Op Shop after the inevitable waning of interest…

    • This has made me smile! So similar to my man. We have gadgets big and small. And multiples of the same instrument, and multiples of similar utensils. Do you have an avocado holder for when you use half and avo? (Used a lot.) And then a lemons holder? (Never used.) Four different ice cream scoops. (One used occasionally.) And many other things we really don’t need.

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