Council clean-up – disposing of things by,


Twice a year we have a kerb-side clean-up. We can put items that don’t fit in our rubbish bins, with some limitations, out on the verge which the council collects and puts, sadly, in landfill.

Before collection, people drive around and scavenge through the rubbish for resale, for scrap, for their own use. As you would expect, people throw out some perfectly good items. I saw several pieces of furniture that were perfect, including a wooden baby change table that had nothing wrong with it. That table didn’t last 24 hours.

You know I have difficulty in getting Mr Sans to agree to dispose of items. Under our house we had two bikes that were not used. One was mine and bought before kids. I wasn’t allowed to sell I or donate it. (The kids might use it.) So what happens instead, it rusts and rots under the house until it is no good for anyone (and hasn’t been used by anyone for many, many years). But now Mr Sans feels OK to put out for council cleanup. (We’ve had this before for other things.)

This time we put out two bikes, a razor scooter and a “dead” lawn mower. All were collected by scavengers within an hour. So happy to see they may be used by someone, even if only for scrap metal!

The only thing of our hard rubbish left for council collection was our old Christmas tree. We had this one for about 10 years but some little plastic thingy in the stand was broken and it was unsafe.

Yay! I had success in getting under the house slightly cleared out. Mr Sans thinks it is OK to have broken and unwanted things out of sight under the house together with those things needed and used, such as gardening equipment. With the bikes, scooter and lawn mower gone, the space is more useable, and safer. No worries about things falling on you. Better line of sight so you can find the things you want and avoid things (like spiders and other pests. Was that a snake? No, just a piece of hose. Phew!)



4 thoughts on “Council clean-up – disposing of things by,

    • So are we, especially if they don’t toss the things they don’t want around the verge and leave a mess. I think this time was a record – less than an hour after putting things out, they were gone.

  1. I love council clean up – but I do wish it was only on the dry days – I hate seeing otherwise good stuff getting wet 😦

    I just saw a pile of multiple mattresses outside student accomodation, weird cause it’s the start of term, not the end. I can’t help thinking, surely the homeless could use some (aside from being bulky to move), but imagine if there was a place where they could all be undercover and people could sleep more comfortably.

    • Oh you have such a kind heart, Sarah.

      I too think about all the useful stuff but don’t really think about I going towards homeless people. Wouldn’t really want to see mattresses around stations, shops, parks for people to sleep on.

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