Council clean-up – collecting things by,

So I have a confession.

I often scavenge things from the kerbside council clean-up.

This year I took a clothes rack from a neighbour’s pile.


And I got these plant stands from a house on my walk.


In previous years I have collected an office chair. (Just when we needed one! How lucky is that!) And another clothes rack. And wire things for growing vines. And a tall laundry basket which I use to store my sons’ soccer boots and accoutrements.

One man’s trash and all that.


9 thoughts on “Council clean-up – collecting things by,

  1. I think your neighbourhood has better-quality ‘hard waste’ than ours! An office chair is a major score (particularly if if was in good working order.) I have waste-envy!

    • I often think, as I do my walks, that I can tell I now live in a higher socio-economic area by the stuff put out on council clean-up. And that there are clearly fewer handymen here as so much of the stuff only needs a little repair. My step-father would have a field day and we wouldn’t have put the stuff out that gets put out here.

      But, and this is the judgemental snob in me, you can tell the rental assistance homes – mattresses and lounge suites out the front. It is what I used to see in my old area. Why do the poor go through so many mattresses and lounges?

      • “Mattresses and lounges” sums up some of the areas near us.

        I suspect these things are more visible in lower socio-economic areas because many may have received second-hand (or third or fourth-hand) furniture to begin with, so it wears out quickly. Multiple house moves (being moved on in rental properties) might play a part, too. And in some homes the beds double as lounge chairs, contributing to the level of wear. And another factor is the cost of rubbish-disposal. It’s a lot easier to dispose of things out the front than paying to have them removed privately.

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