Makeover May

Oh, I’ve been bad.

Compulsive eating, no gutsing would be a better word, chocolate.

Why, oh why did I buy even more Red Tulip Easter chocolate when it was on special? These are some of the ones left over. Some I tell you!


My tummy is sore. My waist is growing again.

You know I love an alliterative or some other play on the name of the month, so it’s Makeover May.

I will makeover my eating habits.


I’ve been successful in cutting my desire, my need, for biscuits.

Now, to cut chocolate. (What will I do with the chocolate, you ask! Save it for Jolly June.)

Up my water consumption again.

And start my core and backside strengthening exercises.

Breakfast will return to porridge on week days with toast a weekend treat. Thank heavens the hot cross buns have gone too.

Snacks will be fruit and nuts. NOT CHOCOLATE!!!

Dinner whatever we normally eat.

Treat, a little piece of chocolate or liquorice after dinner.

No alcohol on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Start weight = 66 kilos.

Waist = 83cm.

I’ve been good the last two days. No chocolate. And no after-dinner sweet yesterday. Opps! four pieces of liquorice on May Day. But only one glass of red wine on Friday. And none on Thursday.

Now it’s colder it is harder to remember to drink water, so I need to return to triggers, ie filling the jug and leaving it on the counter.

I’m off for my walk, even though it is the coldest it has been for ages. 12°C. God, I’m a trooper!


9 thoughts on “Makeover May

    • Well that might be a good out. But I would also have to pay attention to my growing waist. So I will half pass on your suggestion, Mercester, but will be very mindful of the one sweet treat I allow myself a day.

  1. I should aim for your 66kgs. I’m steadying out at 70 after the blip after holiday eating. But staying under 70 would be awesome, I was 70-72 for my ‘youthful’ uni days. but I am under 100 on the waist!! I will join you in triming down too!

    • We all have different healthy body weight, and a lighter doesn’t necessarily mean we are healthy – as you know. So don’t compare yourself to me. I’m doing this with two other women at work, and I’m the heaviest. But I’m happy to have you join me. Now can you help me not succumb to chocolate this cold evening!

  2. I have been thinking about my snack habits. Have you ever heard the comedian Mitch Hedberg? My favourite of his one(two)-liners is, “I like rice. Rice is great if you’re hungry and want 2000 of something.” Whenever I snack, I always reach for something that comes in dozens or hundreds: Skittles, jelly beans, chips, popcorn. And I just keep going and going, so it’s not related to hunger at all. Therefore, when I switch to nuts or dried fruit (like raisins), my habits don’t change. If I could limit my snacking to ONE THING (even if it was a piece of cake!), I’d be better off!

    • I’d never heard of Mitch Hedberg before. Watched him on YouTube. So funny!

      I’m like that with crackers and cheese. Can’t stop at a couple. And with Easter chocolate – if it is unopened I can walk on by but if it open, no hope. And if I take a bite I eat the lot in one sitting. I try to fool myself and put it backin the fridge but I just go back and forwards. The whole thing will be eaten.

      Snacks. They are the downfall of Western health!

  3. Ooh, I can’t help you here. I eat chocolate every day for breakfast (in the form of granola with dark chocolate and almonds). It’s my sweet fix!

    Enjoy your walk in the brisk air! I hope the sun is shining at least 🙂

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