Isn’t this gorgeous?


One of my colleagues picked these flowers from the workplace gardens for my office. The roses have the most delicious scent. One that is mild and subtle and not noticed at first as the bouquet has gardenias.

Have I told you gardenias are my favourite flowers? I luff, luff, luff them. The glossy leaves, the white luscious flowers, the beautiful scent.


Simply gorgeous.


9 thoughts on “Isn’t this gorgeous?

  1. I also love Gardeniers – I walk past them on my way home from work. I always want to pick them from the public gardens for my personal enjoyment, but I restrain,mostly!

  2. I adore fresh flowers! Not sure I’ve ever smelled gardenias? I can’t bring flowers into the house because of my crazy cats, but I enjoy it when someone at work gets flowers for a special occasion – then I have to find an excuse to visit their desk 15 times a day, haha. 🙂

    • What do your cats do to flowers?

      And don’t be fooled by artificial gardenia scent. It is nothing like the real thing. Even though the flowers are out now, the scent always reminds me of summer holidays. (They flower in summer too.)

      • There are a few possibilities . . 1. try to eat them, 2. take them out of the vase and carry around the house (leaving them for me to find in weird places), 3. bite/tear/shred them with their claws. Not a happy ending for the flowers no matter what 🙂

  3. You lucky northerners! There is just something else about summer evenings in Sydney, the scent of gardenias filling the air. (cheers from freezing Melbourne!!)

  4. I love gardenias. We had a hedge of them running down one whole side of the house we just sold. 😦
    Have you ever smelled fresia? I love them, too.

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