Isn’t this cheering?


The colour!

The plumpness!

The evident juiciness!

The sweetness!

Nothing like a burst of mandarin in winter.

I luff, luff, luff mandarins when the season starts. And have had enough when the season ends.

What fruit do you enjoy as a seasonal fruit and never buy as imported from another hemisphere? And what fruit do you find cheering, especially in the colds of winter?


15 thoughts on “Isn’t this cheering?

  1. I usually buy two 4-lb. cases of mandarins or clementines each winter (Dec-Jan) which are imported from Morocco! My favourite local fruit is strawberries (June/July), and I don’t buy them the rest of the year because the imports don’t compare. I bought and sliced some for the freezer so I could have them in yogurt over the winter.

  2. Yeah – mandarins are back in the fruit shops!
    I share your joy Lucinda – they are the one fruit I wait all year for. Imperials would be my favourite and they have to have loose skins. I find any that have tight close skins will be dry inside – yuk nothing worse than a dry mandarins lol. Funny but oranges don’t turn me on at all lol
    I don’t see the need for Imported fruit here in Australia – apart from Kiwis, and they don’t count do they 🙂 – we grow just about anything here. Eating out of season is a no no as well. Much too expensive and there won’t be the joy of seeing new seasons crops in the shops will there.
    Take care

    • I agree with you on all points. I don’t really rate oranges. I like a segment when someone else has cut them. And I am so, so, so disappointed when I open a mandarin and it’s dry. I suppose we are lucky to have such a big continent with so many weather zones so we can grow nearly everything.

  3. Am still waiting to see perfect mandarins at the right price. Also meanly making the children eat up all the oranges first, because they won’t eat an orange if there is a mandarin in the house. Eagerly awaiting a seasonal fruit is such a joy!

    • Yeah, that is mean. It’s like I won’t buy new fruit until my kids eat all the manky fruit.

      And I won’t eat an orange if there’s a mandarin in the house. But if we wait, we might miss the mandarin season. Especially the ones with soft, loose skin. Then we’ll get the ones with thin, tight skin and they aren’t as good. I’d rather an orange then.

  4. I rarely see mandarins around here – and as Dar said, even when we have clementines (around Christmas), they’re imported. But I really love fresh berries (from the you-pick farm down the road) and watermelon in the summer. Fruit in the winter doesn’t compare, so I usually stick with apples or bananas.

    • Oh yes, love watermelons in the summer. I do miss the seedless ones – ah the joy of flicking seeds. Berries are so expensive here!

      But have to say good mandarins are unbeatable. At winter. If it was summer, I’d go the passionfruit and the mangoes and rockmelon.

  5. I’m afraid I’m not a mandarine person. Too much risk. Ikky pips, if you buy the wrong variety. Potential sourness. Disappointing dryness.

    I like to play things safe with bananas and apples.

    I’m with you though on the seasonality. I will never buy a strawberry at the wrong end of the season: far too expensive.

    Enjoy your mandarines!!

    • Chinese emperors probably would be a bit dry or sour too.

      I’ve become quite good at picky good ones. I only buy the ones with fluffy/easy-to-peel skin. I don’t buy the ones late in the season. And I don’t mind pips. Funny but the son who takes after me, likes mandarins and the son who takes after his father shares his father’s dislike of mandarins.

  6. I await nectarines and a little bit, grapes.

    I’m a fence sitter – mandarins can be a hit and miss. So I personally don’t regularly buy them myself. But I won’t turn my nose up at one if they are presented to me (ie in mum’s fruit bowl).

    Oh Happy Mother’s Day too!

    • Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes, Sarah. Hope you spoiled your mother?

      I am a very rare eater of nectarines. I do love grapes. Last year I was eating the most yummy grapes. I didn’t think the season was all wrong. Someone at work asked why I was eating grapes from the US; and that ruined the whole loveliness of the grapes. All that air miles for food. 😦 they were plump and juicy, though!

      • We certainly spoiled my mother with gifts and cards and cooking (sugar free dessert was my task!). To think a few years ago we didn’t ‘do’ mothers day!!

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