Haven’t I been chatty?

An entry every day. Have you noticed that?

I lost my mojo for a couple of months. Even though I enjoy writing, I just had no inclination to write. I was doing some of my journey to gorgeousness, healthy and organised living things just not sharing them with you, my lovelies.

Blithering about domestic minutiae and my ongoing attempts to be healthy and gorgeous and organised, is like a bellwether of my mojo and keeps me on track, well sort of, in being healthy.

So I set a goal: an entry a day for the month of May. I think I will be better at this makeover than my weight loss and healthy eating makeover. Sadly.

But on other things are you a mother, or like a mother, to someone? Well, hope you had a happy mothers’ day.

Here’s one of my Mother’s Day gifts:



6 thoughts on “Haven’t I been chatty?

  1. Very few people at work know I have a blog, and when I’m asked about it, I say it’s about “domestic life.” This ensures they will never search for it 🙂

    I am always impressed by daily posting; I couldn’t do it!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day. I love your gift (son/s with great taste!) Blogging is a magic bullet for me with staying on target with finances etc. When I go ‘off’ everything slides a bit.

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