It’s getting unruly.

I can’t quite fathom how it has happened.

I think it is analogous to how quick and easy it is to put on weight but how hard it is to lose weight. Or perhaps, but I really wouldn’t know, how long it takes to get fit enough to run 5km but how easy it is to lose fitness.

A year without buying clothes. A year of slowly decluttering.

And I really haven’t gone crazy.

But somehow some things have snuck in. A couple of walking 3/4 length pants, some socks, a skirt, 5 dresses, a top, a singlet top, another top, 2 sleeveless tops, a T-shirt, a polo shirt, 3 pairs of shoes, masses of cosmetic products, a 1950s hat, (Look, I know I will probably never wear it but in my defence it is gorgeous and a better souvenir of our trip to NZ than some plastic tat), 2 handbags.

Yes, yes, yes, most of them have I carried in. They didn’t sneak in on their own.

And yes, I get it that some of you, dear readers, may disagree with my assertion that I haven’t gone crazy.

And now my wardrobes are looking a little cluttered. OK, I’m being a bit mendacious. My cupboard is chaotic and messy. I am reverting to having to pull everything out to find the top I want.

Dear me, please don’t think my numerous posits on the evils of cheap clothing were empty. Please don’t judge me a hypocrite. Remember on many occasions I have disclosed that I hold opposing positions, that I am inconsistent, that I embrace my internal paradoxes.

OK, enough messing around. Here’s the view:


And you know, buying clothes is not the issue. I am happy updating my look, having new clothes, buying clothes more appropriate for my age.

But it’s that I am having difficulty letting go of some things. Not wearing them is not an indication that I will never wear them in the future.

Time for another look and sort! Tomorrow I’ll show you what I’ve let go.

7 thoughts on “It’s getting unruly.

  1. I bought quite a lot last year and had a hard time letting go of old things, but eventually did it. Mainly by trying everything on and judging by how I thought I looked (if frumpy then it was decluttered!)

    • Your T-shirts look very mod. I can’t imagine you owning anything frumpy!

      My problem is I have so many different looks, well different purposes/weather/places/situations, and in combination that needs a lot of different clothes.

  2. I bought a few new things earlier in the year for our trip to The Med later in the year. Haven’t seen this sister for a few years so can’t go in used clothing can I lol They are all at one end of the wardrobe staring me in the face each time I open the door so here’s hoping nothing crops up / creeps up and I can still get into them come October! As you said it’s not the buying of the clothes that’s the issue – it’s deciding what gets moved on to open up space

    • Isn’t funny how we buy new clothes to go places where the people won’t know that we aren’t wearing new clothes anyway? Hope the new clothes keep you on track for healthy eating!

  3. Nope – I definitely don’t think you’ve gone crazy. That level of buying is really only replacing worn-out stock. Depreciation, accountants would call it!

    (I don’t count ‘socks’, ‘sleeveless tops’, ‘singlets’ or ‘shoes’ as clothes. I know it’s possibly cheating, but I consider ‘socks’ for example as a boring must-have; protection from the elements.)

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