Letting go

Off to the charity shop goes: 2 cardigans (one very good quality but has a hole in the middle of the back, the other just the wrong style for me – makes me look pregnant), 2 skirts (one given to me by a friend when she cleared out her wardrobe but I never wore I as it was wrong style, other just very dated), a dress, 2 jackets, a T-shirt, a bra, a lacy top (had it for over 21 years), hardly worn shoes (uncomfortable) and a pair of expensive, but stupidly gimmicky, walking shoes (don’t ever buy shoes with a curved bottom. There’s a good reason for shoes being flat on the bottom.)




Over at 365 Less Things, Colleen sets weekly missions on decluttering; one activity for each day, Monday to Saturday, with missions being focused on a room, a type of object or things grouped in some other manner, such as the material of manufacture. This week she has taken a little twist. Instead of the focus being on finding a certain item, Colleen has asked us to declutter something and then contemplate the benefits of decluttering.

Monday’s mission was to declutter an item of your choice and spend 10 minutes listing all the positive effects decluttering will have on your life. So after decluttering some clothes and shoes, here’s the results of my contemplation about the benefits of decluttering my clothes:

  • it looks nicer when I leave my cupboard door open.
  • I feel better looking at a tidy cupboard.
  • it is easier to select what I want to wear when I can see the clothes.
  • it is easier to retrieve what I want to wear without having piles falling out.
  • I know that frumpy, worn out or ill-fitting clothes won’t be there as they have been culled.
  • My clothes last longer and are less likely to be damaged if they are not squashed together.
  • 13 thoughts on “Letting go

    1. So share more as to why the rounded bottoms don’t work? Aren’t they meant to tone your body, and have less impact on all your joints?

      I can’t believe you continue to have so much to declutter! I do know your wardrobe is extensive though. I must work on getting things TO the op shop, rather than just stashed in the out going cupboard.

      • I’ll do a post in the future on the round bottom shoes.

        I have 20 years or more on you for collecting clothes. Like you I do put my items in a drop off point and sometimes I can leave it a bit long to get them out. Sometimes I’ve made it to my favourite charity bin and it was full. So I had to to take some bags home.

    2. Yay! Those curved-bottom walking shoes were very popular for a short while, but I didn’t have the money to buy a pair. Your comments make me feel better about missing that boat 🙂

    3. Agree with all your points about the positive feelings engendered by decluttering. I have recently begun the mammoth task of going through every cupboard and drawer in our house. I was ill almost three years ago and have been undergoing treatment ever since. As a result my normal decluttering on a regular basis hasn’t occurred and it’s really getting to me. So, I have started with our bedroom. Have done 2/3 of my wardrobe. Need to get my husband’s help for the top shelves. Already taken so much to the charity shops and have a bag with 4 pairs of shoes ready to take when I go into town on Thursday.
      My advice to sarahn: do NOT have a holding area for bags of decluttered items……. take them straight to the charity shop!

    4. Apparently the producers of the rounded-sole walking shoes were sued for false advertising about their fitness benefits, as were the manufacturers of the barefoot-style running shoes.

      I don’t know if you ever need to iron clothes, but I have a few items needing it, and I can now hang them in my closet with room to spare – not being crushed and rumpled!

      • Agree with the also advertising! I think they were the cause of my hip problems too.

        As to ironing, yes, I do it, and as you can imagine with a crowded cupboard I have to re-iron some things! 😦

    5. I may be the only one to say this but every time I absolutely love those orange shoes. But hey I have orange floor tiles in my house – child of the 70s!

      Getting rid of the lacy top after 21 years really deserves a Merit Certificate at Assembly next week!

      • I only decluttered the shoes because they were too uncomfortable for me. I actually bought them because they matched an orange handbag I bought!

        As for merit certificate worthy – I have a T-shirt from 1989 which I wear regularly. (Know the dae because I bought it at a concert and the date is printed on it.)

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