Colleen’s Tuesday’s mission: contemplation on acquiring less stuff

Colleen’s Tuesday’s mission was: to declutter an item of your choice and spend 10 minutes listing the reasons why you should acquire less stuff. (You can find her missions here.)

Here is something I didn’t buy, but was given as a gift at Easter.


I really wish the giver had saved her money, even though it was very sweet of her to think of us at Easter. I am passing it onto a colleague who wants one for her granddaughter for next Easter.

So time to contemplate why I should acquire less stuff, in particular ornamental, decorative pieces:

  • More stuff needs more storage space.
  • Less stuff means easier dusting.
  • Fewer items means tidying up is easier.
  • Decorative items for special occasions have to be stored and remembered where they are, and that they even are owned!
  • Less stuff means less money spent on things.
  • Less stuff mean fewer items out out for council clean-up which means less stuff going into landfill which means a smaller environmental impact.
  • Less stuff means a smaller environmental impact from production as we are not encouraging factories to make tat.
  • Less stuff means money saved as money is not being spent on acquiring stuff.
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    6 thoughts on “Colleen’s Tuesday’s mission: contemplation on acquiring less stuff

    1. Thinking, “less stuff = more money for our mortgage” has really helped me not buy things recently. How nice that you found a new home for your Easter gift 🙂

    2. All that extra dusting, extra tidying, extra storage, extra things lost…it all just takes a huge toll in daily life when you’re busy. I’ve tried my utmost to give friends/family subtle hints over the years that I don’t want “stuff”. Lots are getting the hint now. They amaze me sometimes with the inventiveness of presents that don’t add to clutter in the house.

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