Half-made May

Half way through the month and half made over?

All I can say is, No!

I stood on the scales, well, just because. But I knew it wouldn’t be pretty.

Yes, I’ve been having a healthy breakfast (porridge) and going for walks.

But the eating front. Well, look at some of yesterday’s consumption.


Not this many. Four of them, I think. Mindful eating, not.

And these:


Homemade meringues. So soft and crunchy. Dissolve in your mouth. How many? Lost count.

And two of these:


The day before I ate half a sausage roll and a small piece of chocolate cake.

Oh, and everyday I’ve eaten too much chocolate. Much too much.

So any guesses which way the scales went?

5 thoughts on “Half-made May

  1. My how I love a meringue – there’s something completely different about homemade ones vs shop bought (both good though!). Sorry it’s caught up with you 😦 9km run as punishment? hahaha I know, I’m dreaming.

    I bought the BF a cheesecake for his birthday – he was a little sad I didn’t make it with the ingredients I had, but time, dear TIME. There’s seldom enough. The weekend perhaps – and then we’ll have two. Alas I hope mine will have less of a nasty aftertaste that the bought one.

    • These were the yummiest, crispest, meringues.

      Love a homemade cheesecake. Have to say I’ve never made one. Will have to remedy that one day. Currently missing that ingredient of which you speak – time.

      • OH I am usually missing the ingredient ‘cream cheese’ :p

        Hahaha oh I’m so witty (meanwhile, Philadelphia have cornered the market, and I think it’s decidedly overpriced… when you do get to making it. I have made a many – thank to Dad and BF loving them!)

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