Colleen’s Wednesday’s mission: my clutter weakness

Wednesday’s decluttering mission was to declutter an item and then spend 10 minutes contemplating one’s particular clutter weakness, so as to possibly avoid it in the future.

Well, I don’t know about avoiding it, but I do know my weakness.

Dear readers, you may say it is clothes, but my real weakness is paper products – junk mail, official letters, receipts, books, magazines, scrap paper waiting to be re-used, note pads, envelopes, fancy writing pads, organisation notepads, important documents, paper belonging to my children and husband but left for me to deal with. On and on and on it comes into the house, piled in places. Piles are moved so the original area looks clear. And a new pile grows in its place.

So here’s a couple of piles I will deal with:

This one was moved away from the main dining table, to stay forgotten in some dark spot in the house.


This is part of one that grew in its place. Both will be gone tonight.

(OK, they may grow again. But I am making efforts to stay on top of the piles. Better than the cardboard boxes that I used to use to throw the paper in and then move wholus-bolus to the garage or “study”.)


9 thoughts on “Colleen’s Wednesday’s mission: my clutter weakness

  1. Agh reminds me, I must get on filing, which I must to with the BF around, as he doesn’t let me open his mail, and I want to get his tidied and filed too, cause I’m that level of OCD (says Mum… from her, said after a few wines!!)

    But I agree, it creeps in – at work too. I know I can easily mark up a piece of paper or a map and it’s so handy on site too, but it just grows. And so hard to corral like with like, when in a day so many things cross my desk. And I think ‘notebook’ – but that’s all new paper, I’d rather reuse. I figure so long as I date stuff, I should be halfway right to work out what’s what later on?!

  2. Me too! Paper builds up way too quickly. Sending good thoughts your way!

    I had some spare minutes to fill at work yesterday (that never happens!) and started going through some piles of paperwork that I haven’t seen the bottom of since before Christmas. I put probably 50 sheets right into the recycling and it felt so nice 🙂 Gotta get on that at home too but there always seem to be more pressing matters.

    • I love it when I can put things in the round file (ie the recycling bin) but then I feel guilty at wasting paper by printing it first – though it obviously was important / necessary at the time.

  3. Paper is my clutter nemesis. Piles and stacks and dark corners of garage and wardrobes. As for contemplating the clutter to avoid it…that’s the problem with paper. So much is meant to be a “record” to be “kept”. If in doubt, I now (try to) chuck it out.

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