Archive | May 17, 2014

Colleen’s Friday’s Mission

Colleen’s Friday mission is to declutter an item of your choice and spend 10 minutes thinking about it. Why you are letting it go and what other similar items you have around the house that you could also declutter.

(Yes, observant ones, I skipped Thursday’s mission as I have no time saving devices I am willing to declutter.)

So here’s yesterday’s item:

A fancy-schmancy book. I bought some Folio books years and years ago. Like many people, I bought them because of the deal in the magazines. And I do use the reference books that hooked me. But actual the Folio books? Well I’m not going to have a library – there’s one up the road. And I don’t need my shelves full of books already read and not going to be re-read in the near future, especially when I have other books lying around waiting for their spot on the bookshelves

I thought about selling some of these on eBay but I really couldn’t be arsed. I’ll just take this to the second hand book shop and exchange it.

And when I have time, look for more to go.